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I've Been Asked to Price Out a Gym


This is unusual and hilarious from you.


You all are making feel like I need to buy a new house. My ceilings feel inadequate, especially since they won’t support a pull-up bar :sadpanda:


I was a little surprised, too.


If it were me I’d have the pull up bar attachments on the power rack and a removable dip station (Rogue Matador). Get the rack that has added weight storage. A good bar for each rack. Get 2 benches for the racks, the adjustable ones with wheels that can be moved in and out of the rack and used at the dumbbell station. More people are going to benching in those racks than squatting anyway (I know, shocking, right?). The weight storage on the racks will free up some space, no need for barbell storage as all bars can stay with its respective rack/platform.

2 power racks with weight storage- add pull up bars and dip stations to it.
Each rack needs a bar, a bench, & 300 lbs plates (minimum).

2 deadlift platforms- 2 deadlift bars, 2 deadlift jacks, 600 lbs plates (minimum). I would build my own to save money out of plywood and horse stall mats, have weight tree between the platforms for shared weight.

That’s great advice right there!
I think this would be a good start to a gym and will probably won’t exhaust your budget. You can always add things later, incorporating some input of the people who will be using the equipment. Remember this: buy nice or buy twice!


I don’t always bring out the biting sarcasm, but when I do, it’s directed at gaping assholes who are mean to well-intentioned people asking for advice.

Most of what carby said would be fine advice (delivered like a huge gaping asshole, but still, useful advice) if the guy was asking about building a commercial gym, but it seemed pretty obvious that was not OP’s topic at hand. Unfortunately carbidius was too busy blowing his load with a better-than-you-gasm to realize that OP was speaking about a self-contained at-the-business gym for business staff only, so he blathered on about how stupid OP was for not thinking of employing TRX-certified trainers and his lack of a marketing plan for the neighborhood. Really outstanding stuff.


Good Idea!. Thinking I might go second hand on the dumbells and plates as well; I found some damn cheap weight on craiglist…

About 20-30 people will want to train, at different times throughout the day of course. I could definitely get a few of them to donate, and I’m willing to put money towards it too. I was also thinking that even though i can’t get everything now, i can slowly build up equipment over the next few years anyways.

Another good idea. I’m still trying to decide what to do with that. Chances are I’ll go with free benches because majority of people will be doing dumbbell press not barbell.


I should clarify:

Most of the people that will be working out here are total beginners. Like " I want a screen in the gym so I can do P90X" beginner. So that’s kinda why I asked you guys for input; I obviously want all the good stuff( power rack, barbell and a ton of plates) but there are other people that just wanna use dumbbells. I’m simply trying to figure out the best list of equipment at a limited budget to satisfy everyone.

BTW, appreciate everyone’s input so far.


I’m sorry if I missed it - but have you asked what the other employees want in the gym?

A super cool meathead gym obviously appeals to you (and me, and all the other posters in here) but remember that the average person just wants to half-ass a session on a recumbent bike.

EDIT: oh sorry, didn’t see the post above mine.


you also get points for your use of “gaping asshole”


Feel free to continue. The pendulum has swung too far towards tear collecting around here lately.


TN is the place where naivety gets slapped in the face…I went through a lot of it here. Now I’m the bad guy for returning the favor to TN??? Harden the fuck up and quit being a protector bitch. All this shit makes for a better person. THis is like the epitome of snowflake society. protect the little bambi cause his feelings might get hurt and god for bid he learns something. How can we expect toget any better if we are not honest with each other?

oh key

Remeber buddy, learning is a painful process. Without paint there is no learning. This kid can’t provide adequate info for what he is asking, and he needs to learn to provide the proper amount of information.

gaping asshole!?!?! you goddam right and I’m proud of it, thanks for the compliment, I have achieved a new level today.

I re-read his OP like 4 times and couldn’t make sense of it…I was also making the point that he left a lot of holes in his description of what was going on.

As I read it again, I can see what you’re saying, but I would never in a million years be able to piece together WTF he was talking about.


no shit…I was thinking that daddy has a lot of money and wanted to teach his son a $10k lesson on running a business…that was the best scenario I could paint in my head with the lack of info given.


so you didn’t catch the part where he is part of that problem?

…shit, he’s protecting the OP before the tears even start!



I actually found some parts of your first post quite helpful. Buuuuut now you’re just getting your titties in a twist for no reason…

I’m not sure if your referring to me when you say: [quote=“carbiduis, post:31, topic:226272”]

But its spelled niavete, and it has to do with a lack of wisdom or judgment. Nothing to do with my post, where i was asking a simple question. I actualy found my post to be quite clear, as did most of the other posters.

Also, my mistake in referring to my dad. In the business world, he’s my boss, not my dad, and the [quote=“carbiduis, post:32, topic:226272”]
$10k lesson on running a business
was just given to me to take some stress off the other employees hands. Its not a ‘daddy favors his little boy’ thing, believe me.


I believe that is why AG called you a gaping asshole. He actually did everything you are saying. You are the snowflake. :snowflake:

TBH, you’re the only poster in this thread who didn’t get it.

If your understanding of his post was correct, what do you think his dad’s staff currently do? I’ll make this simple:

The staff doesn’t have a gym.
The staff wants a gym.
Son graduates school, he likes working out.
Dad says, sure son we can build a gym.

Kapish? Again, everyone got this. No need to make a thing of it.


I just had to grab this for the lolz.

Sounds like something you’d hear at an art school.:laughing:


Yeah, no, it was clear that the gym was for the employees’ benefit. You were snotty. You got smacked down. Don’t be mad.

I think the greatest lack was in defining staff, which is still not adequately done to my satisfaction. Are these primarily male factory workers? How many, if any, office ladies?

I think it’s a bit silly to design a high school male’s ideal gym if middle aged female office workers are going to be using it, too.


Fair point. Yes, mostly male, some office and some factory. There will be some office ladies, but from what I’ve heard all they want is a screen (for doing TV workouts i guess?). Its also why I planned on having dumbbells starting at 5 pounds.


I asked this question out of curiosity - if you were in my position, what would YOU get. I’m just looking to get ideas and suggestions. Sounds like some people are taking this a little too seriously.


On the flat screen- It helps with stimulation when using treadmills and bikes. If you look at a lot of gyms, you’ll see that the cardio bank is either facing a big picture window or has some screens directly within view of the users.

Looking at a blank wall is a sure fire way to become bored and stop using those machines.