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I've Become a Heartless Bastard


I think the creatine is getting to me guys. The other day a co-worker was telling me (and a group of people) about her dog dying. It was a long story. She teared up at times. But the whole time (Ok, after the first two minutes) all I could think about was "Get to the fucking point!!!"

I was civil enough to let her have all the time she needed.

But this creatine - its a steroid right? and Roidz equal roid rage?


I just don't understand how this is possible. WTF?

P.S. Cool story bro.


yea i know... that guy is hot.


Not to worry, you are just becoming selfish and self absorbed; probably a good idea to cut back on the time spent flexing in the mirror.


I've become a heartless bastard too. Whilst reading this thread all I could think about was "Get to the fucking point!!!"

I better stop taking creatine, it's giving me Roidz rage too.


Teh creatinez is going in your socks, right? That usually reduces "roid rage" effects


Are you trying to be funny? Maybe I'm an asshole, but I don't get your post. And it's heartless not hearltless.


I've never really taken supplements but I kind of want to kill everybody right now.
Not justified or anything. I'm just a real deep-dyed fucking misanthrope.




I get that feeling a lot at work.


that is fucking disgusting.


Is it just me or did this fucking "creatinezzzz" bullshit stop being funny a long time ago. I see it in every post now. As soon as someone says anything that could somehow involve a tiny bit of sarcasm or anger everyone responds with, "Man, you must be on the CREATINEZZ."

I don't get it. Maybe it was never funny to me. Maybe I just prefer good jokes.. . who knows.

I'm waiting for the post now where someone asks me if I'm on it.


yes, it's lost its amusingness now for the most part...it was funny to begin with because of how many people actually think creatine=steroids.


Woa Woa, Settle down there Brobi Won Kanobi. You need to lay off the creatine, or at least reduce down to putting it in just one sock per day.



Alisa said she's a....what again?



Make sure you alternate socks each day.


I read a lot everyday. From a lot of different sources. Some of which I consider to be quite hilarious.

But today, "Brobi Wan Kanobi" was by far the funniest thing I've read. Good job.


you all need hugz

and therapy

and proper medication