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Ivanko SuperGripper

Just got my Ivanko Supergripper -

well I can close it easy enough on the lowest settings, but man I got work to do :slight_smile:

Due to my small hands I can’t quite close it all the way in one motion, I have to juggle it a bit to close the last 2cm, but it really does make you work to hold it shut, so ISO holds on this thing will surely boost my grip strength fast.
Will do some work on it tommorrow. Since I gotta do clean deads today…I fear I might have sapped my grip already :frowning:
Forarms aching!

A little bit slippery, but I guess that means minimal shredding of your hands :slight_smile:
Some grip tape will fix this I guess

So far I think I will alternate between, regular shut and open sessions and ISO hold sessions for time - say 30-40secs and 15secs

i’ve got it and I like it, but haven’t used it in a regular program so I can’t give you advice. Let me know how it goes for ya

did this a few hours after the a lower session of squats, olys, clean deads etc where grip failed me badly, so grip is slightly fatigued. But I need to get an idea where I stand :slight_smile:

numbers refer to pounds on the calculator I found on the net that spits out spring positions to estimate poundage

resting 3.5 to 4mins between sets

31.5 x5
45 x 5
59 x 5 - hard
71 x 5 - tough. left hand harder, a few mm short of fullclosed
79 x 5 - very hard. left hand unable to close all the way
83.72 x 5 - failed right hand

5% dropoff to the closest figure roudned down -
left - 64 - x5, x5, x3
right - 79 - x4, 64x10sec ISO hold

ISO hold 56 x40secs both hands, that was painful!

just a testing workout, I can only get better from here :slight_smile:
Chalk certainly helds, as it gets a bit slippery after a while.

Well it is kinda slippery/slick

So I tried this stuff called Gauztape. Its this black fabric type stuff my dad uses on his golfclubs.
It only sticks onto itself so I wrap it wrong the handles like a bandage and it clings on. Quite thin so doesn’t reduce the ROM

And it feels good, grippy, but not abrasive. Cloth like, sorta like a bandage in feel. Much better than knurling IMO
No chalk needed :slight_smile:

here is a pic

Gauztape on Supergripper

Mind giving me the address of the poundage calculator?



Has anyone purchased the grip program they sell over on gripboard? I forget what it is called but I guess it is targeted towards those who want to work up to the COC #3.