Ivan Makarov Attempts 501kg DL

This guy has been training to beat Eddie Halls record for a while. Didn’t think he was all that close but I’ve only seen Eddie Hall and Benni break weight like this off the floor.

I dunno how much uncurling of his back there needs to be to lock this out so there might be a hard sticking point around the knees but the speed off the floor is crazy.

Are we going to see 500kg + in the near future?


Maybe he’ll break it. It’s worth noting he failed 480kg a few weeks ago

Misses look similar enough. Maybe one doesn’t simply unround their back at these kinds of weights.

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Funny thing is Eddie Hall claims he wasn’t there training the lock out for his WR, and still does mostly partial DLs. I suspect for him unrounding the back was enough.
To me any small portion of this lift seems insane…

Here it is


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Just not there yet, but 470 kg is the 2nd heaviest deadlift done in competition on a regular bar, so that’s something.

The technique and power off the floor is ridiculous and I’ve seen a side angle of the 470kg lift and back angle seemed to be pretty flat so I’m surprised he gets stuck closer to lockout

Painfully close.

Still, the very silly things that Eddie Hall’s fanboys have said as part of this attempt have made this build up worth it.

Also, more Strongman than Powerlifting :stuck_out_tongue: