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Ivan Makarov Attempts 501kg DL

This guy has been training to beat Eddie Halls record for a while. Didn’t think he was all that close but I’ve only seen Eddie Hall and Benni break weight like this off the floor.

I dunno how much uncurling of his back there needs to be to lock this out so there might be a hard sticking point around the knees but the speed off the floor is crazy.

Are we going to see 500kg + in the near future?

Maybe he’ll break it. It’s worth noting he failed 480kg a few weeks ago

Misses look similar enough. Maybe one doesn’t simply unround their back at these kinds of weights.

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Funny thing is Eddie Hall claims he wasn’t there training the lock out for his WR, and still does mostly partial DLs. I suspect for him unrounding the back was enough.
To me any small portion of this lift seems insane…