IV Therapy to Lower Hematocrit?

Just happened to run across an article on IV vitamin therapy.

Does anyone have experience diluting their blood through IV infusions so that their H&H is not so high for over cautious doctors?

We all just donate. If you can, do a double red cell donation. It will take care of the hematocrit

I can’t donate. I take a medication that disqualifies me.

I also looked into at home phlebotomy but the thing is I have no symptoms of high hematocrit and its not that high anyway. 51.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your concern. No symptoms, and not very high numbers. What is your concern?


Overly cautious Drs requiring a phlebotomy to continue therapy and me not being able to get one.

It sounds like you need a more experience doc because a 51% hematocrit isn’t high. These docs are still treating hematocrit levels of men on TRT as if it were polycythemia vera instead of erythrocytosis.

I think the answer you’re looking for is “No”, none of us have tried that.

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I’ll leave out discussion as to whether or not you actually need this, but if they are concerned they can write a script for a therapeutic phlebotomy and then you can dump the blood. Red Cross will do it with a script, but they may charge for it. Insurance will cover it, except in your case, maybe not since your levels do not indicate the need.

If you’re in the US get a new doctor. There’s a million. If you want one that will prescribe you T over the phone I’ll connect you with mine or with one of the other thousand telemedicine places. If he’s willing to pull your TRT because of a 51 HCT then I doubt this is the last time you post about him here.

Thats not high at all. I wouldn’t worry about it. Honestly Its a bunch of bro science saying you need to donate. there is so much info on YouTube from doctors who specialize in hormones that explain why you ned to stop worrying.

only the clinics and folks who do not have real answers tell patents to donate. they are scared and dont really understand trt , therefore they just cover their ass by keeping doses low, giving blood and etc.

Its even more obvious you dont need to give blood if you dont have symptoms. You do not have Polycythemia vera

unless you have a history of clots I would stop thinking about it. so many men out there are past this fear and do not give blood.

get a doctor that knows his shit. you can try doctor Keith Nichols at tier 1, Eric Serrano, Jordan grant in Texas and etc.

I was watching a video over the weekend and Eric Serrano’s knowledge in incredible, I never really seen a male doc be so knowledgeable in both male and female hormone therapy.

I just wish I could understand the guy. I’m not the greatest at understanding accents and he certainly has a strong one.

Yup and Doctor Nichols is just as educated on both male and female.

I dropped my hematocrit from 51 to 46.5 by stopping alcohol and my HTZ (waterpill) 2 days prior to the test. I also flooded my body with water and avoided salt during that 2 day period.

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I was under the assumption he was looking for a local doc for in person visits, he mentioned Defy and I always recommend in person visits if I can help it. Telemedicine is last resort in my opinion.

Dropping salt should not lower hematocrit. In fact it should do the opposite. But I hear ya. Manipulating electrolytes to dilute blood.

We finally agree on something. Can you believe this shit. Pigs must be flying. Let me go look outside.