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ITT: Get in Here you Sheep Shaggers


I know there's a bunch of Scottish folk on this forum. The referendum is 12 days away. What say all of you? Are you for it, are you against it? What are your parents, neighbors, and coworkers saying?

I'd be interested in hearing whatever you have to share.

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Interesting article on the legal status of the Edinburgh Agreement:



I'm voting no, as is most my family and about half my friends.

We've done increasingly well with devolved power since 1998 and would rather continue going down that route steadily than haphazardly jump into independence with questionable North Sea oil supplies and a lazy populous.



Yup, this is my thinking too.


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I'm voting yes, or at least, my mind is almost made up to vote yes, and this represents a 180° change in thinking for me over the past year or two.

I'm a great big Europhile, and I believe in free healthcare and education, so the way the UK is going under any of the main political parties doesn't look too appealing to me. My hope is that an independent Scotland will, at least initially, boast the full left to right political spectrum and offer voters a real choice.

My yes vote is a gamble (I suspect that when faced with the realities of governance in the 21st century, the lofty ideals espoused by dreamy-eyed, romantic yes voters will fall by the wayside), and I definitely understand people wanting to vote no to protect investments in properties and businesses, etc. The numbers show that Scotland should be able to pay its own way, but I know that I won't be happy if tax rates get upped to 50% to pay for a socialist utopia.


Um...yeah, but you see healthcare and education aren't "free" - they, you know "cost money." Why not say what you really mean? You believe that other people should pay for your healthcare and education right?


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I have nothing against the Scots. They've integrated quite well with the white community.


No offence taken :slight_smile: Hopefully Scotland will annex Tyneside anyway.


I think we pretty much have already! I've never actually been to Newcastle but it's apparently a really good night out


When I was looking up racial epithets for Scots (a surprisingly short list), some source said wog was terribly racist, akin to nigger in the States.

For the rest:

In the case of a "yes" vote, what would you expect to be different the next morning? Are there certain services or utilities provided by the UK that would cease? Is there a general consensus for what form of currency will be used? Will new government bodies need to be formed? Are "yes" and "no" opinions evenly distributed throughout the population or are there political parties who overwhelmingly support one outcome or the other?


Wog stands for "Western Oriental Gentleman" and became a derogatory term for Italians. It is also often used for Greeks and other Mediterranean types. In Australia Italians have integrated well and have a good sense of humour so we often call our Italian friends and colleagues wogs in a good natured way. Although this is becoming less common due to political correctness and draconian anti-discrimination legislation and so forth.


The Scottish Government already has control over healthcare, education, transport and justice etc, through British treasury funding however. The issues that are UK only are the likes of international relations, currency, crown matters and UK wide laws - rather than Scottish specific. However, much of UK law is derived from the EU anyway.

The currency issue is one of the main point of contentions in the debate right now. The SNP aim to continue using the £ in a currency union but Westminister (Labour, Tory and Lib Dem parties united) stated that the next UK government will not allow it, which has led to the SNP claiming they will just continue using the £ without a currency union as a plan B.

It's kinda evenly split right now. A lot of the Yes voters are more liberal leaning (Labour/Lib Dems) and often like to point out the fact that we have a Tory Coalition government in Westminster despite hardly anyone in Scotland voting Conservative.


I was firmly in the No camp however over the last few months, have felt myself being swayed to vote YES.

I was over in Finland a few years ago seeing family and was having a bit of banter with my Finnish stepmother, mocking her dour, cold country when she turned to me and said "At least we have our own country"

That was a daisy cutter for sure.

The thought of living under tory rule also sticks in my craw!


Where do the proceeds from Scottish oil exploration go now? Are they sent to the British Parliament or are they kept in Scotland?


Canadians don't seem to mind living under U.S. rule.