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'It's Worse Than Cocaine'


i was just watching tv and saw a preview of some cop show the bridge, from what i have gathered the episode was something to do with cops selling steroids there was just a quote i found rather off putting

"roid rage, ive seen this before.... its worse then cocaine" this was accompanied by some jacked guy thrashing about

is this what people actually believe?


Well cocaine actually isn't that bad for you, you see.


All steroid users clearly look like this, duh. Come on!


This is what happens when you take steroids.


I will have to ask my 70 yr old grandmother. She was in a bad car wreck, so the doctor put her on a pretty good cycle of deca and something I didn't recognize. This was about 10 yrs ago. You know that sweet little old lady began lifting weights the next day, and became a collector for the Mob. Sunday dinners were never the same..

The truth is she got better because of the steriods, and was able to walk again.. Stupid people should be shot. I miss natural selection.


I'm not that educated on steroids or T-booster (the testosterone toolbox article was pretty sweet though). I'm just thinking though..WTF?! He just started chugging bottles of pills. Gamma ray pills...grrr...hulk smash.

I get told all the time that creatine is like roids and gives you the rage...such utter bullshit.


The only people I hear bitching and moaning about roid rage are people who have never used steroids.


For what it's worth, you rarely find alcoholics donating to MADD.


Of course it's what people believe.You need to realise that in general,people are stupid.You should never assume that they're intelligent.


It would be awesome if the crack heads in Baltimore switched over to steroids...I bet they would be a lot more change from people.


Fool! Gamma rays don't come in pills!


I think you guys are confusing steroid use with steroid abuse. Granted, cocaine use (based on my own experiences and those of some old friends of mine) almost assuredly leads to abuse, steroid use can lead to abuse. Maybe it isn't as likely to lead to abuse, but steroid abuse can lead to horrific consequences similar to cocaine abuse. However, that shit with Ben Affleck was absolutely ridiculous.


Cocaine is physiologically addictive. Steroids are not.


Steroids are awesome, not bad. It is only the actions of a few that taint the perception of steroids to the masses. The media going in for the big story of course avoids the truth and amplifies the myths of steroids in a pandemic like mass hysteria for a bigger story.

Best quote regarding steroids i think goes something like this:

"If you're an asshole to begin with, you'll be an even bigger asshole on steroids."

Roid rage and all the "deadly" dangers of steroid usage is a myth. If steroids were so deadly, doctors would not be prescribing them period. Many many things have side effects, as do steroids.

Myths once started, are sometimes very difficult to change or curtail.


Do people "rage" on cocaine? I've seen people get pretty twitchy but nothing like thrashing around on the ground completely losing their shit. Is that common with cocaine?


Bill Cosby said something similar about cocaine.

"They say 'I take cocaine because it enhances my personality.' Well that's fine, but what if you're an asshole?"


I have just seen people get sketchy and looking for more cause there addicted to it. Never violent unless you ripped them off some how.


Well, yeah, true. But I still stand by what I said.

And since we're on the topic of alcohol, was it Bigger Stronger Faster that brought up the point of 'alcohol rage'?

I'm sure there have been millions (at this point) of drunken fights that wouldn't have been started if the fighters involved had been sober, yet society still doesn't bat an eyelash at alcohol...


So they'd be sucking cock for test instead, not a huge change.


That Ben Afflick video was sweet... I wanna know what's that from and watch the whole thing. You know it has the whole recovery moment when he gives it up and decides it was overtaking him. He jsut starts swallowing all the pills and getting crazy. ROTFL.