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It's Utterly Ridiculous How Most Gyms Don't Have Trap Bars

I just noticed this. Im lucky enough that my gym has one even tho the ends are short and only 5 plates max can really fit on it, but it’s stupid how these commercial gyms have thousands of dollars of fancy equipment yet non invest in a simple 100 dollar trap bar. It’s one of the most underrated and most versatile pieces of equipment out there and so many gym goers dont even know what one looks like. Sad

Same, except reverse hypers and yokes.

My gym has all 3 of the things y’all mention. I just don’t know how to use or even what it works, the hyper machine? If that’s what’s called

Not a hyper, but a reverse hyper. Very different from a hyper bench, but a great piece of equipment.

Just googled it and that’s what we have lol. I’ll Google what it does and how to use it

I’m a huge fan of the trap bar. Trap Bar RDL’s are my go-to hip hinge movement. I’ve pulled 525 at 220 lbs conventionally, however I’ve gone away from powerlifting style training and work more hypertrophy based now.
Quick Story, I’m a personal trainer at your typical big box gym in Central Jersey. Asked management to purchase a trap bar, of course they declined. Tried to get fellow trainers to throw a few bucks in and buy it to use with our clients, once again no interest. Eventually I bit the bullet, found one from Walmart.com, Priced originally at $250 for a 35 lb bar, on clearance for $90. Purchased using paypal with 2 day shipping. Day of delivery Walmart cancelled the order, didn’t charge my card but still received the trap bar. From $250, to $90, to free. Best “purchase” I ever made.

Central jersey you say? I reside in Central jersey. What gym you go to?

Crunch Fitness in Woodbridge

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I mentioned a trap bar to my gym owner and he had to google it. Said he would “look into it”. That was 6months ago…

Also GHRs are pretty rare around these parts.

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ahh ok im on the other side of the Driscoll bridge haha Im in hazlet. you should Try Ovox in Morganville. amazing gym and the equipment is top notch. Def recommend :slight_smile:


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I think the fact that a gym owner had to google it is exactly why most commercial gyms don’t have them. I only learned about the benefits of a trap bar from T-nation a few years ago and honestly wouldn’t know what it was for myself. There’s one at my current gym, which I use from time-to-time, but I’ve never seen one other person use it. The only thing I use it for is loaded carries. I don’t know that I’d call it the most underrated or most versatile peice of equipment - but it’s a good piece of equipment.

A commercial gym is going to have what appeals to the masses in most cases. A trap bar is not going to appeal to the masses.

A commercial gym is going to have what appeals to the masses in most cases. A trap bar is not going to appeal to the masses.

and thats why the majority of the masses will never make gains :wink:

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I would agree. Entire gym chains such as Planet Fitness could give 2 shits about people making gains.

On the bright side if you’re a hardcore lifter trying to bulk up a bit those pizzas and bagels should help…although they only let you have one slice -_-

I will say I have owned a trap bar since 2009 and minus breaking it out for a potential t-nation challenge a few months ago I hadn’t used it since 2010.

Just never really found a use for it.


The trapbar just gathers dust in most places I have seen them.

Plus they are difficult to store.
Plus they take up a lot of room when in use (people don’t deadlift in most commercial gyms)

The Ben Bruno 100 rep Trap Bar Workout will blow you the fuck up.

This is great to me. Thanks to all