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It's true homies, eagles don't roam in flocks


injured guy benching

lots of rotations, pull aparts, face pulls, band pressdowns

close grip floor press bar x 20, 95 x 10, 135 x 10, 185 x 10, 225/275/315 x 5, 225 x 20

close grip bench with sling shot 280 x 6, 320 x 6, 370 x 4, shut it down could feel a tug on the shoulder

csr 5 x 10
rolling tris 5 x 10

pull aparts 4 x 12-15
hammer curls 4 x 6-10

better than nothing


That's great work for most healthy guys. I hope the recovery is steady and full.


Better than most.




Your limping along, is better than most guys in a full sprint.


following and lurking as usual


May I suggest Front squats ?






Well Pete, Front Squats have to be very important since there has been whole threads on the PL section....LOL


sorry for the caps lock and my lack of a sense of humor last night


If this a recovery WO I look forward to seeing a post recovery WO. 315x5 floor press and 370x4 with slingshot are very respectable. Good WO overall. How and what did you do to shoulder?


about 6 weeks ago I was trying to work with a Inzer SDP bench shirt, took 720 for a double off the one board, was trying to stay 'elbows out' to builds more tension in the shirt, on rep two I felt a pop/tear in my right shoulder. been pussy footing it around with my bench ever since.


Pete glad you decided to keep posting. I've been reading for inspiration for several months but never posted as my normal work is still a little bit shy of your injury work. I'll be watching as I've been dealing with a nagging shoulder issue for months. Mine has been getting a little better since I added a lot of medial and rear delt work a couple of weeks ago (reverse grip OH Presses, upright rows, dumbbell cleans, etc..)


after a couple of hours of yard work, and a nap in hammock did this:

elliptical, 40/20 intervals 15 minutes

1.5 mile walk

spread eagle sits 3 x 12
planks 3 x 30 sec, each set with 27lb toddler on back

pullaparts 3 x 30
ext rotation 3 x 30

stretch and roll to follow


thanks for following, hoping to get it back in line sooner than later


Pete- how much of your current injuries, large or small, are 'new'. I guess what I'm asking is are the minor setbacks usually stuff that has been recurring over the years, or are you experiencing new tweaks and things?

I keep getting dogged by the same-ol-same-ol'-- back and SI. Luckily, not too much new in the mix (yet).


Pete, are you just going to rehab or maybe see a dr?

question on the SDP as I haven't gotten into mine yet (will after this meet in April) I've heard elbows out until it locks up and then tuck hard?



Current injuries: right shoulder, new, due to experimentation with the shirt as noted above. Dislocated rib, new. left shoulder, recurring issue/nagging problem from old injury, feels good right now though. Plantar fascitis developed over last year in both feet. pevlic tilt/hip flexor issues, recurring, due in large part to a botched knee surgery 20 years ago, at times causes me to twist when squatting, GMs, etc.

just pursuing rehab for now, might go in to see ortho if I don't feel there is enough progress.

Regarding the SDP, yeah, that is how to get the most carryover, but obviously my shoulders couldn't handle that. I will be back in my Ace tucking the whole way down going forward.


20 min elliptical early a.m.