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Story Time

It started when I was about 9 years old, my brother and sister always teased me for being overweight (dem feels). They belonged to a gym and I begged my mom to let me join a gym as well. When she said no I cried...thinking i was hopeless.Started in High school doing mainly cardio, and barely eating. I was overweight and did not know proper nutrition.

I took drastic measures and I bet if I looked back at what I was eating, I was doing it in a very unhealthy way. Consuming probably under 1000 calories per day. That being said I did lose the weight and always had a fear of "getting fat" again. I did bro splits since high school not knowing at all what I was doing. I over-ate when bulking and I did gain muscle but mostly fat. That sent me in a spiral because I cut, and lost most of the muscle I gained (not knowing proper nutrition again.)

I now consider myself very knowledgeable in nutrition and think of it as one of my stronger qualities. I recently adopted the powerlifting style of lifting and I love it. Setting PR's almost every time I'm in the gym keeps me going. After years of screwing up, wasting time, not knowing what I am doing I am finally ready. I have all the knowledge I need to get the body I want. I am now a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and I would like to be a competing powerlifter very soon.

-wuz overweight
---did brosplits
----phucked up, dreamer bulk
-----lost muscle
------wasted time


Went to San Diego from June 21-28,my cutting calories were at 1750 and I have been in a cut for about 16 weeks. had a good time, didn't tracking calories but rather was mindful of what I ate. No exercise but walking will be done. Starting reverse diet.

Started 132.8lbs (7/24), around 11% bf, 5'5
Current 137.4lbs (9/11) 5'5

Reverse Dieting Started July 1
week 1 1850, week 2 1950, week 3 2050, about maintanance week 4 2150, week 5 2250, week 6 2400 (goal) (10% over TDEE)

*Reached to 10% over TDEE calories on August 4th 2014

-Adopting an IIFYM lifestyle (about 80% coming from unprocessed whole foods, 20% from whatever I'd like)
-Katch-Mcardle BMR+1.4 Activity Level=My TDEE+10% (slow controlled bulk) tracking calories carefully
-.82g per pound of protein/.45g per pound of fats/rest of my calories from carbohydrates
using low protein mainly to save money, plus there is no need for any more than .82g per pound
-end result being 112g protein/62g fats/349g carbs
-Monitoring Calories to gain only 0.5lbs per week at most

Rainbow Light Men's One Food Based Multi-Vitamin (after largest meals of the day)
Nature Made Fish Oil, 1.8G Combined EPA/DHA (after largest meals of the day)
Optimum Creatine Monohydrate 5g per day (using any time I can get it in)
Now Foods Probiotics (morning empty stomach, helps with digestion and overall health)
RawFusion Vanilla Protein (only will use when running low on protein from whole foods)

Deadlift:420 www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPZ5ZkPlsa8

My Training Program 5/3/1 (weight increased started once I reached maintenance calories)
(5/3/1 including joker sets and boring but big, combined with some accessory work)
Week 1 5x3 ovhp/deadlift/bench/squat
Week 2 3x3 ovhp/deadlift/bench/squat
Week 3 5/3/1 ovhp/deadlift/bench/squat
Increase PR weights
Week 4 5x3 ovhp/deadlift/bench/squat
Week 5 3x3 ovhp/deadlift/bench/squat
Week 6 5/3/1 ovhp/deadlift/bench/squat
Week 7 Deload ovhp/deadlift/bench/squat


I’m going to start back from 7/28 and show my logs up until today, here is my first


8/11/14 is where i’ll start from and continue from there, still was on the powerlifting template…








Here is my deload week, went real light on the assistance and main lifts…was really needed, was feeling tired, no motivation, it served me well

After this I am switching to the BBB


here’s my log for this week, switched over to BBB like i said for bench and squat this week. I liked it a lot, refreshing change…I will be sticking to this style for a while now



here’s this week


Here’s my log for the week, 3 reps this week. I left out joker sets because next week I’m going for my 1RM to pick out my numbers for my meet in november. Everything has gotten significantly stronger except bench press, which I think comes down to nailing my form better since my mil press is getting stronger…

weighing in at 138 this week