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It's Time to Start Having Fun Guys!

Were all in this forum for a reason. A room full of personalities and disorders that makes us aware of things a lot of people take for granted. It can be anything… you name it. Weve got it. Ever since starting TRT, Ive been noticing the change. I really started to have fun. Feeling the high and enjoying life. Best part is the mental strength to work through my issues. I think that the less time I spend here, it gauges the amount of fun Im having. TRT is now beginning to become some background shit to me. It was constantly working my mind. But little by little I dont think too much about it. Decided to ride a skateboard again at mid 40s. Damn near broke my arm 2 nights ago, recovery has been miraculous. No way I could have woken up today feeling great with almost no pain. I mean I almost broke it! Either way, its time to start having fun, and quit putting so much focus on things like supplements, and drugs to offset a less than optimal day. Build a strong mind that works for you and not against you. ED freaked me out the first few times. Its now something that I try to not think too much about. I was low on Androgens and had a shitty life. Life got good because I made the moves to change a few factors. Blah blah TRT blah blah. No stress is a great way to live! Dont give up, and make your mind work for you! Yes, I just rode my board out in Venice,Ca. Hadnt done that in 25 years. And watching the sun go down off the coast made me think of you guys. Get out and do something! Have fun, and be fun.



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Good for you!

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Thank you gents! Ive been hanging out at Tempest, a parkour course all day. Hard stuff, but I honestly feel like my body is asking for movement. Dropping HCG and the AI has been a great choice. I do wanna thank Dbossa and those who made me see the light. Im past the honeymoon stage which didnt really happen. So now Im in rebuild mode. This part is fun.

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