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It's Time to Speak the Truth...


...I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I made a side comment that I had changed from a libertarian (capitalist-anarchy) to a conservative. Well, it's not just from one to the other because one is a mode, and the other is form. I have done a 180, I am now a full fledged American monarchist (and researching Distributism).

Now, before this discussion gets on way, I want to point out that this isn't something were I just read an awesome book on monarchies (not sure there is one out there), and decided that it was for me. Looking back on this point, I can see this formation having its roots from about 5-6 years ago.

Discuss...and accuse.


I commend your continued education, though I think in time, you will wind up at a place other than monarchism. I am not Catholic, but both Chesterton and Belloc are wise reads, always . I'd also commend Wilhelm Ropke (sometimes spelled Roepke).


Meh. What makes you think that your beliefs are thread worthy? Frankly, I don't care if you believe in leprechauns and fairies and think our government is or should be run by aliens.


Would you care to explain what you meen with monarchism?, because for me it doesnt make sense to be a
monarchist in a country that doesnt have a monarch.

ps. Maybe Hobbes`s Levithian would be a good book for you.


Probably if you elected the Monarch then it could be very good , but if you had some one that was that good then it could be a dictator real quick


Many definitions of Monarchy list familial inheritance of power as a defining characteristic. In fact many would say that it is that aspect of Monarchism by which it is distinguished from other forms of autocracy. Do you include inheritance of power in your definition of Monarchism?


Monarchy's can work... It would be exceptionally hard to implement in today's world however. People do not have the same expectations they had centuries ago and they all want to feel important(ie allowing you to vote so that those in power can consider it and possibly side with it).

Realistically though, it's not like our current democracy is too far off from a monarchy... imo.


I'd say narrow oligarchy rather than monarchy.


Have ours. They are hardly the philosopher kings Plato spoke of


Amen to that


I think there is merit to the idea of a leader that does not have to bow to political pressure or otherwise have to be concerned with being elected out of office.


I like the idea of not having a leader, elected or not. What about people ruling themself without politicians or aristocrats. Why is that idea so far fetched.


Obviously you care enough to tell me you don't care. :wink:


Monarchism is the favor of establishing and preserving a monarchy as the form of government. A monarchist, however, is someone that supports this form of government by principle and not necessarily of a person, which would be the Monarch.

Some Canadians are monarchist, some Brits, Aussies, Kiwi's are monarchist, too. Some are not. They all live in a monarch, underneath the Queen of England.

I could ask the same thing of a communist why he would be a communist in a country that isn't communist.

I read Leviathan and Hobbes is definitely an absolutist. I don't particularly agree with what Hobbes put forth (not that it is wrong, but it wouldn't fit our tradition) about absolutism and I have a hard time with his more liberal thoughts (I do agree with some of his stuff, just going over what I think of the work I have read).

Another point of contention with Hobbes, is he's a radical and a skeptic. Both of which I am neither, the latter more than the former.


That is the usual mode of monarchy. I have some stuff to do so I can't get into it real deep, but I'll give more reason for my decision (hint: it has to do with democracy, the Civil War, and other stuff) when I get back.


This is not necessarily the majority of the reason, but it plays a large part into the idea.


and how would you make group decisions on defense, infrastructure, social programs, etc?


I'm okay with monarchy as long as I get to be the monarch.


Obviously they would have to all buy insurance from a company in which would protect them from attacks, and private companies would buy land to build the infrastructure and charge people to drive on his property (for maintenance ya know), and private charity.


Sorry, Class of '09 was disqualified a long time ago.