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It's Time for the Next Level

I’ve been reading articles on T-Nation for a good three years and have used much of what i’ve learned. I wouldn’t say i’m really a exact beginner because i’ve been lifting for four years-about two correctly but I don’t want to post somewhere else for fear of getting possibly killed but I am a beginner since I have a long way to go and a long time.

I used mostly bfs through high school and it worked well for fast gains and the program is catered around prepairing for football. It uses hang clean squat trap bar dead and bench as the main lifts but most of you already know this. Later I used Beast Building all three parts and get strong get fast get vertical as well as a simple 5x5 and 3x3 heavy workout on all main lifts for a while.

Now that I am out of high school and im in college I actually have more time to to get to the gym and cook right so i am looking for help in setting up a program that will build muscle and power over the long range something that I can commit to.  There is so many articles I have trouble choosing one that looks like it will work. I know most anything will work especially if its a change up from what you were last doing but i'm looking for advice. I want to focus on deadlift squat bench military and snatch/clean now as well as adding in pull ups and rows.

I typical eat steak, hamburger, chicken tuna or salmon. For the non meat I eat PB, rice, cheese, brocolli, corn, green beans, oatmeal, skim or 1% milk, potatoes, peppers, and asparagus. I do eat out sometimes but rarely.

For my supplements I use Grow! Whey, a Multi, and fish oil and ZMA helps me stay asleep at night . I have the money to buy the food I need so anyone with good recipes to make eating become less routine please post some recipes.
If you want pictures I can eventually provide them but I am not able to today.

I have time to get to the gym up to 6 times a week but i would like to get to going really heavy with the core lifts maybe four times a week so I can get some good rest to make sure I am progressing and recovering. I also started stretching and rolling out my body around four hours after my workouts it really makes my legs feel better.

My stats are
18 years old
6’1 193 pounds
Thanks for any and all help/advice/tips you can give me

I don’t think you can go wrong with a conjugated method like Westside. Or you can do Westside for Skinny Bastards which is more athlete orientated. I’m not saying your skinny, but you can use the routine and then cater it to your needs.

Gives you the freedom to rotate the big lifts and variations of them when you want.
You can also add a strong man day to and have some fun.

Really depends on what you’re after. I want to be the strongest, biggest and fastest athlete I can be.

[quote]Carlitosway wrote:

Really depends on what you’re after. I want to be the strongest, biggest and fastest athlete I can be. [/quote]

That is pretty much what im after to be a big strong athlete someone ideal is shannon sharpe great physique.