It's Tiger Time!

Here’s my log. I’m lazy, so maybe this will help me to not be so lazy.

Not sure about my max lifts, but my best estimates are as follows
SQ: 360 (prob. higher)
BP: 300 (prob. lower)
DL: 405 (switched styles, this will shoot up like crazy)
TL: 1065 lbs

Height: 5’8"
Weight: 163 lbs as of this morning

I’m doing a loose 5/3/1

Monday: Squat Day
… Yeah, 360lbs is a joke, but it stays until I have a tested max.

Leg extension/Hamstring curl Super set

  1. 260/200x8


  1. 8 reps
  2. 8 reps
  3. 8 reps

Triceps pull-down

  1. 90x8
  2. 90x8
  3. 90x8

I grab a 45lb plate and heave it over my head for three sets of ten to twelve. I don’t know the name for this… I call them clobber-cocks.

Anyway, next update will be Wednesday.

Bench day
BP1: 210x3
BP2: 240x3
BP3: 275 - miss
BP4: 275 - miss

I know I can hit this, but I’ve been foolish and have ran my triceps into the ground these last couple of weeks. So, I’ll go easy on them for the next couple of weeks and take it from there.

1: 90’sx6
2: 100’sx6
3: 110’sx2

Again, triceps fatigue nerfed me on the last set…

Barbell single arm Preacher bench curls
1: 60x6
2: 60x6
3: 50x6

DB shrugs

  1. 150’sx10
  2. 150’sx6
  3. 120’sx15

The 150lbs dumbbells started slipping out of my hands (no straps =/) so I went down to 120’s.


I also did some light rotator cuff work since my shoulders have been popping a bit lately. Again, most likely do to me over-doing the triceps work =p

All right, see you Friday!

Deadlift day

I didn’t sleep much last night (3 hours maybe?) so I just did what I could (fuck all) and called it a day. I’m updating this now so I don’t forget the numbers and I’m going to sleep for 1000 years when I’m done.

DL1: 290x3
DL2: 335x3
DL3: 380x1 (should have been 3 =p)

Leg press
1- 4 plates per side x 8
2- 5 x 8
3- 6 x8

Good mornings
1- 95x5
2- 115x5

Lat pull down
1- 180x8
2- 210x8

Did a little bit on my shoulders and triceps to make up for wednesday. Next week I’m gunna take it easy =p

Wuzzup fellow Tiger brother. Good numbers. I’ll check on the log from time to time. I just started one today, so let’s hold each other accountable!

[quote]BulletproofTiger wrote:
Wuzzup fellow Tiger brother. Good numbers. I’ll check on the log from time to time. I just started one today, so let’s hold each other accountable![/quote]


Weight: 165.5 lbs

Squat day
SQ1: 240x5

Had it in me to lock out another 2 on set 3, but I was out of air XD

Leg ext./Hamstring curl
1- 280/200x8

I’ve now maxed out both machines. I guess I either have to up the reps or get one of the little asian girls from the female mma bootcamp class to sit on my shins while I do this.


  • 2 sets of 8 reps


  • 3 sets of ten

Allright, everything went well today. I’ll see you Wednesday!

What the hell are clobbercocks?

[quote]BulletproofTiger wrote:
What the hell are clobbercocks?[/quote]

Explained in my first post

[quote]TigerTime wrote:

[quote]BulletproofTiger wrote:
What the hell are clobbercocks?[/quote]

Explained in my first post[/quote]

Oh, I didn’t see it because it’s listed under abs (I never read anyone’s ab exercise routine, because most people get it wrong). I see the description now. Suggestion: Don’t google clobbercocks LMGTFY - Let Me Google That For You

Bench day!
Gotta go easy on those triceps today =3

BP1: 185x5
BP2: 210x5
BP3: 235x4.5

Single arm barbell preacher curls

Weighted dips

Seated overhead press

Did some rotator cuff work, then some abs

Dead-lift Day
DL1: 275x5
DL2: 315x5
DL3: 355x5

Leg Press
worked up to a set of 5 @ 6 plates per side

Lat pull-downs

dumbbell Shrugs

Then some crunches.

Weight: 168.5lbs

Squat day
Worked up to a max of 380lbs. Wasn’t all that hard. next time I max out I’m getting 405.
I split my track pants working up to it. Guess I’m bigger than I was the last time I wore these…

Didn’t do much after this, just some light assistant work.

Deadlift day

Worked up to a max of 425lbs. I think I can go heavier, but I’m still adjusting to this technique so I decided to instead drop the weight and cement my technique before I go further.

Leg press
Worked up to a set of 5 at 6 plates/side

Weighted pull ups
First time trying this.
25lbsx5 - easy

next time I’ll grab a 35 so I can get a decent number of reps in.

Reverse hyperextentions w/ bands
first time trying this too ^-^
I have no idea how heavy the bands were but I did a couple sets of 10

-a bunch

If you’re wondering why I missed bench day – exams. I’ll try to squeeze it in Sunday before work.

Okay, month one complete!
Weight: 163-168.5 ( 5.5lbs)
Total: 1045-1085lbs (40lbs)
Great first month =)

Bench day
Worked up to a max of 280lbs – no PR this time =( too sick maybe…

Weighted chin-ups

Weighted dips
1 platex8
2 platesx8


nothing else, not feels too great =(

Gunna do bench with bands for the next couple weeks to work out my sticking point. See you… in a couple of hours when I update for squat day =p

Okay I’m back. Being sick really fucked up my training last week, but it was just a de-load week so no big deal.

Weight: 168.8 lbs
^ no weight loss from being sick, so that’s allright.

Squat day
SQ1: 245x5

This semester I have dance and phys.ed. back-to-back in the afternoon, so my legs were pretty much done after the squats.

Weighted chin ups
45lbs x 6reps x 3sets

Cable pull-overs
50lbs x 10 reps x 3 sets
(still going easy on my triceps)

Clobber cocks
45lbs x 10 reps x 3 sets

Bench day!
BP1: 185x5
BP2: 205X5
BP3: 225X5

Machine fly (the straight arm kind)
200lbs x 6 reps x 2 sets
200lbs x 4 reps x 1

Seated overhead BB press
95lbs x 5
115lbs x 5
135lbs x 5
155lbs x 5

Weighted chin-ups

Weighted dips
45lbs x 6
90lbs x 5
90lbs x 5

Clobber cocks
45lbs x 10 reps x 3 sets

Weight: 170.5lbs

Deadlift day

Y no squat day? My afternoon schedule includes phys.Ed. followed by dance. Last week was Hell to get through after squat day, so I’m trading squat day with deadlift day so that I’ll have weekends to recover.

DL1: 315x3
DL2: 365x3
DL3: 405x3

Machine lat pull-down
1- 235x6
2- 235x6
3- 235x6

DB Shrugs
1- 120’s x 20
2- 120’s x 20
3- 120’s x 20


  • crunches

Pretty easy day. See you on Bench day!

Squat day
SQ1: 295 x 5
SQ2: 335 x 5
SQ3: 355 x 5

Leg ext./Hamstring curls
1; 280/200x8
2; 280/200x8
3; 280/200x8

Good mornings
1; 95 x 8
2; 115 x 8
3; 135 x 8
4; 155 x 8
5; 185 x 8

Band work for abs

Deadlift day
DL1: 335 x 5
DL2: 355 x 5
DL3: 385 x 5

Hamstring curl

band work for abs

Bench day
10 Sadiv sets @ 260 lbs

Weighted chin-ups
45lbs x 8 reps x 3 sets

Weighted dips
45lbs x 12 reps x 3 sets

Single arm BB preacher curls
50 lbs x 8 reps x 3 sets

DB pullovers
60lbs x 12 reps x 3 sets