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It's That Time of The Year


Hey everyone its me again. The great lurker BONE. I figured I would start to post my pics for upcoming college nationals. I am not gonna type a book about how I train or eat but I will answer questions if I am asked. But these pics are from about 205 and somewhere around 19 20ish weeks out.




Looking pretty thick!


If you would mind and had time a breif look into your off season diet would be kewl also training split? But if you dont want to post that alright.

Looking thick


Looking awesome. Very thick and lean for this far out. Will be following your progress for sure.


You've got some thick-ass wheels. Nice work, man.



DUde your back is super wide and your quads even LOOK heavy. NIce work!


My off season diet is pretty much eat whatever Id like. I don't really eat shitty food anyways so its pretty easy to stay lean. It's a lot of extra lean ground beef lean turkey and chicken some times ill buy the lean stuff just for a change of pace. My carb amounts change daily just depending on how I feel so sometimes maybe 100g or 300g all about how I feel. I try to keep my protein around 200 to 250 so about 1g per pound or so. Fridays I would like to do a cheat meal sort of whole thing and eat a whole papa johns chicken pizza.

My split is weird because I went from doing chest, tri back, bi shoulders leg and arms to a 3 day DC split then to two or three weeks of a 4 day DC split. I like switching it when I stop feeling my splits or I just get bored of it. And I really like the contrast of the 5 day split focusing on different body parts vs. the DC train everything twice in eight days.

I think that about covers it but if you want specifics ask and I will do my best to respond.


And thanks for all the compliments it was a productive off-season.


looking fucking boss.


16 weeks out about 197ish


You already look really lean bone for 16 weeks out. How much more weight are you planning on losing?


I am hoping to come in around 175ish or pretty close to the top of middleweights. Last year I came in at 164 and I think I put on a good 5 or 10 pounds of muscle on.


Awesome so you have about 20 pounds to lose in 16 weeks. Hell cutting that slow you might even be able to add a little mass as you do it! What are your macros looking like right now?


My macros just changed to 270g pro/180g carbs for back and bi, 270g pro/150g carbs for chest and tri, 270g pro/100g carbs / 24g for fats for shoulders, 240g pro/240g carbs for legs, and off days 300g pro/ 75g carbs and 20g of fat for off days


Wow that's crazy you break it down so much. It must take a long time to record everything.