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It's Rhyme Time, T-Hawgs

My monkey butler and I like to play this game when I’m not making him baste my cavernous loins in room temperature Oleo. Here’s how it works:
I post a retarded sentence like this…
“I skinned a pangolin and taped it to my pole”
To which he replies with a rhyme:
“I would soon after find ancient scrolls. Paying sweat for toll I’d take a stroll”
And so on and so forth… wanna join us? I don’t blame you if you don’t.

Hey, you troll! With all my soul I will roll towards your goal, lest some ol’ mole should eat me whole. See you at the Super Bowl, bitch.

In response to SPBM’s rhyme

I ain’t no bitch, I ain;t no hoe
Step up and let me show you so,
All this rhymin’ is taxing you know
Fuck it, Imma go do some blow

:slight_smile: Groove

Alright guys, whats with this ‘fitone fanklub membur’ thing.

Minnie Mouse is a fuckin’ whore
She’s always wantin more and more
But she don’t know just what’s in store
Cause I’m on Tribex now and knockin down her door

Nelson dissin’ Disney
but he got hisself a pass
goin’ down to toon town
ta get a piece 'a ass
Dave about the fanklub
hit up another thread
and to get these fruity pebbles
I gotta trick fred