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It's Remarkable

No arguement here, slim. Four years from now when President Kerry is running for re-election I’m sure the tune will be pretty much the same, just from the other side. Who knows, depending on what kind of job he does I may be one of those taking shots at him then.

Bush is getting the worst of it now simply because he is such an easy target. I happen to be a registered Republican with Liberterian tendancies who just happens to think that Bush Lite is the worst thing to have ever happened to this country. But then as my pals zebbalina and rainman will gleefully point out, because I don’t march in lockstep with the bushleague administration I must be a “bottom feeding liberal democrat”.

There can be no such thing as a Republican who doesn’t worship at the feet of the shrub. Hey, he talks to god after all. What more could you possibly want in a president?