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It's Raining Birds


Anyone else hear about all the dead birds falling out of the sky in Arkansas, Louisiana, and now Sweden?

They are saying that fireworks likely caused the deaths, but wouldn't this shit happen almost every yeear, if that were the case?


Yeah, I heard. The end is nigh.



They ended up saying the cause of death was blunt force drama; with that many birds dead in one area, all at once, that rules out hunters, airplanes, helicopters, fireworks....so....I guess that leaves UFOs? Lol.


I would prefer raining bewbies.

A couple years ago I was out for a ride on my streetbike in the country with my wife and a bird dropped right out of the sky above us and dropped to the middle of the highway dead. I yelled back to her and asked her if she just saw what happed but at the same time she was yelling the same thing at me lol. It was fucking bizarre, never forget it. WTF? did it have a cardiac arrest in mid flight?


You laugh...


LOL, thing is one bird - fine.

But a 1000, and another large amount on the other side of the world?

Strange indeed.


seriously. i just hope its quick. :sad face:


Even more weirdness.

  • 50 dead jackdaws found on city street in Sweden
  • 100 tons of sardines, croaker and catfish wash up dead on Brazilian coast
  • Hundreds of fish dead in New Zealand
  • And in Britain, 40,000 devil crabs join list of casualties


There is only one logical explanation...............Manbearpig!!! Half man, half bear, half pig. I'm super cereal.


tweet tweet ?

Poor birdman, we barely knew him...


it wasn't only birds, it was a bunch of fish too. 100,000 fish and 3,000 birds. we all gonna die.


Could be to do with all the crazy experiments being performed at CERN?

Any sciencey guys care to explain if it's possible?


Since when do flocks of bird fly around at night, the usual time for fireworks?



Thanks for that article - at least it has some concrete info.

I know you'll all think I'm a pussy, but i get really depressed when the environment suffers at the hands of humanity. And what with the world about to end...

Thank god for gin.


I'm with you brother. Its gotta be UFOs. Get your bag packed.

I'm not even joking!


That was something I saw when I first heard about the Arkansas birds, was that they were probably spooked because of the fireworks and that made them fly in the dark.


I've been watching a series called "Ancient Aliens" on the history channel.

I know it may seem far-fetched, but there are some genuine "Fuck me, that could actually be possible in some crazy-ass way" explanations that I've seen.


I'm not laughing or joking either! Shit's about to get real.


I hope not, my financial planner is coming over tonight to go over my investments and shit. Long term goals? oh I don't know, how about I cash in right now cause there is no long term lol. Not what he wants to hear.