It's over! It's starting!

Well, after a long discussion with the doctor and my coach we came to the conclusion that I would and can easily re hurt my wrists due to the nature of my sport. I can go through an ART practioner, heal them up, then re hurt them at any given time with any given punch. I can have surgery be out for about half a year or so, then still have the chance of re damaging my cartilage. WOW, options or almost zero.

So, It’s over. Yes it bothers me, but I kind of new it about two weeks ago.

But, now it’s time. My body is going to go through a transformation.
1st. throw away my scale. No more weighin ins. Thank you GOD!
2nd. Biceps and triceps are sad! Time for them to grow!
3rd. Get in Weight Training conditioning.
4th. Stay in exceptional shape, not to loose boxing shape too much.

1st. EAT!!! Healthy, but take advantage of metabolism speed and enjoy cravings, within reason.
2nd. Go on a 12 week cycle of Ian King’s “GREAT GUNS” series.
3rd. follow Chad Waterbury’s “THE NEW BIG THREE” program
4th. Run 1 mile before training on treadmill at 7mph. Run 3 miles post training 3xweek at 8mph on treadmill.

TUES: BIG THREE + 3 miles
WEDS: 3 miles + 6 x 3minute rope skip
FRID: BIG THREE + 3 miles
SAT: if I ran and jumped on WED. then skip saturday. If wed. was taken off then use saturday for that workout.

Im gonna quit counting calories, I need a break from all that. Im gonna eat good. Im gonna eat bagels from PANERA and EINSTEIN, ooh I love those things. I’ll use a postworkout drink (SURGE POST, powerade and hydro during). Im considering getting MAG-10? at what stage would you guys suggest it be used for best gains. The first few weeks should go great from lack of weights in previous months, year!

Here we go T’s,

Also, If I am to start a cycle of Mag-10, I will also plan on using an anti-e and tribulus product afterwards(M + TRIBEX or 6-oxo + tribex).

But, my question is: IF there is any merit to starting the post cycle therapy on the last couple of days of MAG-10 use?

Ive read that it takes a couple of days for tribex to start kicking in.


I truly am sorry to hear about the verdict on your wrists. You are dealing with it like a champ, though. I can’t say that I would take it as well.

Welcome back to the iron.

I could be wrong here, but I imagine that with this change in diet and training that you probably won’t need or be able to take full advantage of much in the way of supplementation. I think you’re going to put on mass just fine after such a long time of worrying about your conditioning for boxing.

Some of the supplements designed for mass-gaining might be better taken advantage of a few weeks or months down the line. Just a thought.

I thought you were still going to train Renegade style? Strongman or Mass programs?


I will, eventually. I’d like to push some huge weight. But first I need to create my ideal body, would’nt you agree? My arms are tiny so first things first!


Al, no moving onto football? I recall you had a brief stint there. Maybe put on some mass and become a headhunting safety?

Did you get that diagnosis from an ART practitioner or a regular doc?

Sports Doc. If that makes a difference. So, no not an ART practicioner Goldberg.


Bagels are good eating now?

(I kid :wink: )

Dave, bagels are probably not the best choice, specially for a dieter.

But, for some reason I tolerate plenty of things that others don’t and tolerate a lot of things at once a little better than most. So, I love bagels, specially from PANERA BREAD, chocolote chip-blueberry-cinnamon & brown sugar-9 grain-apple spice are my favorite. I usually when not trying to make weight for a fight have one every morning with a big MRP shake, spread some natural jam and you have a perfect breakfast in my mind.


Dude, it’s great your trying to gain some mass. I know boxers are constanly stressing about their weight, almost as much as wrasslers :slight_smile:

As previously stated, wait on the androgens and muscle builders. Just eat more and more frequently with plenty of protein and you’ll gain mass.

If you really love boxing, i would get it from an experienced ART practitioner. I had tendinitis so bad in my wrist that i couldnt extend it at all and i had no strength. I was given vioxx, cortisone, and mri and strengthening exercises to do. I looked at the doc like he was an idiot. Strenghtening exercise? My forearms are bigger than your head. Went to get ART and it hasnt hurt since.

Doesn’t this also mean that you need a forum name change?

Godlberg, the main problem with my wrists are the cartilage, it’s really shredded up, on the left there is even carpal to carpal action. It can heal but slowly and weak, so who knows how long if any it will last on the first punch, the impact is that tough on it. I love boxing, but I love my life and ability more for me to loose a lot more than just boxing in order to continue.

Patricia, name change? you bet how about o0artica0o. It’s a name that my brother and I created for a clothing company we planned on starting. As soon as he’s out of school we hope to launch it.


p.s. I’ll try and switch it now.

That name’s almost as difficult as Ms. Vedder’s old handle.