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It's Official! Ron Paul Head of Fed Reserve Committee


Well, it's a start at least.


Could get interesting.


Ben Bernanke just shit himself.


If this committee has any actual power, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a heart attack all of a sudden.
(Knocks on wood)


...or was that you because of your excitement? :slight_smile:


Oh that's right, I forgot. ZEB wants the Fed to continue in its absolute veil of secrecy lending out hundreds of billions, trillions of dollars to other banks and organizations without anyone knowing. He wants absolutely no accountability of this institution.

ZEB really buys the Fed's argument that actually knowing what the Fed is doing with your money would hurt the economy. People wonder why their standards of living are continuing to decline. Well its real simple really, that's because all of your money is going to bankers pockets across the world, war and maintaining an empire. And it all starts with the Fed's ability to print money out of thin air.

Fact: One of the Fed's main functions is to maintain the integrity of the dollar.

Fact: The dollar has lost about 98% of its value since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Either nationalize the Fed, tax it into oblivion or get rid of it.


When someone goes to great lengths to hide what they are doing there's usually a reason for that and it isn't good. If the fed is suppose to be a bank that supports the U.S, then why can't they show us what they are doing?

You gotta be a fucking retard to believe the shit they say. Come on.

Hey, I'm a good guy and I want to give back. Just leave me your bank account # and I will deposit some cash for ya, promise ; )


And Ron is the fucking man.


Here's the good doctor discussing what he intends to do with his new position.


You guys will probably like this.


I don't understand this notion that the fed isn't being audited regularly when the fed is indeed audited by the GAO quite regularly, and the results of these audits are public record for all to see. I have no idea where Ron Paul gets this notion that no one knows what the fed is doing, but apparently a lot of people believe it.

You know what else? Why aren't we focusing more attention to what the Treasury is doing? Isn't the Treasury the department that organizes the fed's actions, details the policies, and directs the flow of funds through the various entities? If anyone knows what "the fed is up to" it's certainly the Treasury.

Also, "end the fed" and then replace with what? Give the keys to monetary policy, and money creation to Congress? Those criminals can't even get basic economic theory right, and you people want to just give them the keys to the vault? And who do you people want to oversee the banks? Barney Franks? Chris Dodd? Henry Waxman? These things are mysteriously absent from all this "the fed is an evil jew-run coorporation run by evil jews that want to jew jew jew jew........"

I read these crazy theories about how "sinister jews" are behind the federal reserve, and how they are using the fed as a proxy to control the world. But none of these theories make any sense.

You know who has more power than the fed? Goldman Sachs. How about you people aim your cross-hairs at the crooks at Goldman? If anyone is hiding anything it's them. I guarantee that if Goldman were as transparent as the fed is, there would be nothing else to write about for a decade.

You people are barking up the wrong tree.


If the fed were to go away money would be created by the market just like it originally started with.

The point of auditing the fed is to know who it does business with. That information is currently not public -- for example, how much money did they give to Greece and Ireland to help bail them out?

Paul's plan for ending the fed only involves legalizing competition with it. If he is wrong then nothing bad would happen except for those people who mis-speculated. If he is correct the fed essentially abolishes itself as it goes out of business to competing currencies.

The essential question that we still don't hear in the establishment is whether or not the fed is really necessary. The reason is simple: those in power would never question the need for their power. It is always assumed to be necessary despite all the horrendous outcomes of the established policy.


I'd love to swim around in all the interest that one would make off of a 800 ba billion dollar loan. Then I'd try to do it again. Wait aren't they trying? prolly know their run is over and want another pay day.


That is always a possibility


No I don't and why would you write that I do? Would you mind quoting a line from one of my posts to indicate that this is how you thought I felt? If not would you mind apologizing for such an outlandish lie?


I was very happy to hear of Ron Pauls new position, if only to watch the fire works that will be forthcoming.


I said that because your prior posts indicate that you have hostility towards Ron Paul. The only politician in Congress with a shred of dignity and sense of right and wrong. It is mainly because of him that the country is onto the Fed's phony fiat game.

Also, your prior posts indicate that your political leanings are towards neoconservativism. You seem to have an affinity to Palin, Gingrich, and the rest of the crew. In other words, war, war, and more war. "Let's stop them terrorists!" , meanwhile our own country rots from the inside out and the constitution is shredded. How do you think these wars get paid for? Yep, fiat currency printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve. Which is really a giant hidden tax on the American people.

You are also the guy who thinks that the economy is just fine and dandy because well....the Federal Reserve and the government says it is.


Just as I thought you cannot come up with a quote regarding my desire to see "the fed continue on in secrecy".

Stop assuming that because I am for "A" then I must be for "B". These types of logical fallacies do nothing to further your reputation and argumentation skills.

And just for your edification, I am not "for" Sarah Palin. While I think the liberal media tarnished her for political reasons, I do not want her to run for President. Nor do I want to see Gingrich run for President. These were all assumptions on your part.

You are now 0-3.

Want to try again or leave it here?


Likewise. It will indeed be interesting to observe what confrontations between Dr. Paul and the Federal Reserve over the course of the next few months/years will bring.


This is a very valid problem. And, from my standpoint, the one that concerns/scares me the most. Admittedly I am not read up on the Fed and the interplay of policy/control so I can't speak currently without the danger of speaking directly out of my ass--which I attempt to avoid as much as possible--but to me this is the crux of the matter. I do think the Fed is allowed to operate in secrecy in a number of ways which thusfar have been neglected by the current "audits" performed on the Fed however.

I would like much, much more transparency with the Fed's doings. However, getting rid of it entirely places far too much uncertainty in the way fiscal policy is defined--that power has to go SOMEWHERE, whether it's diffused to different entities, to Congress, or wherever.

Congress is the most likely option as I see it. And it is also the most ridiculously ludicrous option from sound economic theory's standpoint. These assholes have no idea how to run a basic budget let alone work economic policy.