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It's Official... My Doc is a Bad Doc


About two weeks ago I went to see my doctor to talk to him about how I was doing on Androgel (I've been on Androgel 1.25% for the last three months.) I told him that I was only getting a partial response - libido still not very good and still having problems getting and keeping an erection. I asked him if we could increase the dose.

He handed me a requisition form for some bloodwork and a physician's sample of Cialis and admonished me by saying, "Testosterone alone will not fix your erectile dysfunction." Then I asked him if he would refer me to an ED specialist in town. He declined, saying, "Dr. XXX will just ask why you're not taking Viagra." I pointed out to him that I'd heard some horror stories about Viagra/Cialis, etc. mostly centering on guys going deaf, blind, or dying of heart attacks after taking such drugs. He brushed this off by saying, "millions of men have taken these drugs without incident." I don't think that he realizes that ED drugs won't work if libido is poor, anyway.

The crazy thing about this is that this very same doctor who agreed to prescribe the Androgel also offered to send me to an ED specializt when I first enquired about getting some treatment.

So I went off and got the bloodwork done. The only things the doctor asked for were lipid/cholesteroal profiles, A1c (I have Type 2 diabetes, controlled with diet and exercise), fasting blood glucose, total testosterone, complete blood cell count (which includes a hematocrit reading) and a couple of other things not related to my ED/low testosterone.

I called his office yesterday to ask if the results were in. The receptionist put me on hold and then came back on the line and said, "Your blood sugar is a little elevated, and your testosterone levels are normal." I pointed out that I wanted to set up an appointment to discuss the results with the doctor ask him to increase the dose and to get a refill authorized, since the Androgel I've been using is about to run out. She offered to talk to the doctor and then call me back.

Ever the proactive type, I called the office this morning to find out if the receptionist had talked to the doctor. She would only confirm that she got a message from the doctor saying that my testosterone levels are normal. So I asked her if I could at least get a refill, and she agreed to authorize it for me. Clearly, an appointment was out of the question.

So, here I am, not knowing whether the Androgel has increased my T-levels or by how much, and not much better off than when I started using it. Nor do I know why, beyond being 50 years old, being a bit obese and havind diabetes, why I have ED and poor libido. On top of all that, the doctor's behaviour is quite uncharacteristic - he's been my doctor for the last twenty years and he has never shied away from making referrals or running tests.

I get the feeling I got blown off because the doctor isn't very skilled at treating ED/low-T beyond prescribing standard ED drugs and testosterone gel if the patient begs for it. I really am beginning to wonder if the sum total of his medical knowledge is what he learns from drug company reps.

So, I guess it's time for me to look for another GP, and hope I find one who's competent enough to refer to an ED clinic. Wish me luck, because I live in Canada and there's a shortage of doctors willing to take new patients, and ED clinics are few and far between.
At least I've got three refills of Androgel to tide me over.

I wish I could convey how pissed off I am about this. Canadians pay some of the highest tax rates anywhere in the developed world, but they can't get decent health care. Arrrgggh!


I feel your pain.I had two really good docs treat my low T problem and absolutely was ecstatic when my last one started running tests for FREE test(not just total test)among other things like HCG, Estrogen levels,and quite a few more.He was the first one to give me a scrip for once a week injections instead of the every two weeks I had barely been able to get from any of the previous docs.

He also believed in seeking optimal levels as opposed to just within range(which barely did anything at all.He is now moved on to work for the state correctional department and left the clinic that paid him better just to get away from other Docs politics and BS.I guess they didn’t like it that very few people would make an appointment with them unless it was an emergency or something very trivial.

It was uncommon to get an appointment with him less than 30 days in advance unless he knew you personally other than just in his practice and/or you were one of his preferred patients(read not a pain in the ass).Finding a new doc is becoming a real pain and is costing me a lot of time and money every time I strike out.Healthcare has gone to crap everywhere it seems.Good luck and best wishes.


Get a copy of your lab work and post here with lab ranges.

Read the advice for new guys sticky.
How are your thyroid levels and body temperatures? - thyroid basics sticky


[quote]KSman wrote:
Get a copy of your lab work and post here with lab ranges.

Read the advice for new guys sticky.
How are your thyroid levels and body temperatures? - thyroid basics sticky[/quote]

I just got some new bloodwork yesterday and will get copies as soon as I can and will post them.She also did thyroid tests as well since my blood pressure is moderately high even with meds to control it,but she refuses to ackknowledge the fact that Docs (or at leart until i grow comfortable with them) cause me a great deal of anxiety and frustration and always jacks my blood pressure up.They almost use a sleeve that is too small for my arm which DOES NOT help.
Any way I will post my labs as soon as I here something fom the docs office.Thanks for taking time too even respond.I am very appreciative of your help.


Some doctor’s have no respect for their profession as means of helping people for their ailments. I am coming to the conclusion that ego and money are their priorities rather then helping the patient. They do not show enthusiasm in identifying a problem and are very close minded, much like the rest of the academic community. They are people who are very quick to judge, especially to those who are overweight with health problems. They stereotype many people as lazy and unwilling to health themselves, where they see it as their patients are looking for a quick fix instead of dealing the problem. He may be doing what he is doing because he doesn’t know, or maybe he is doing it because he doesn’t help you due to the way you look health wise.

The best you can do is get educated, realize your problem, realize what the answers to your problems and bluntly seek out your treatment necessary.

Can you please read all the stickies, and post a general base of your height, weight and general symptoms as stated in the ‘TRT for begineers’ sticky.


Here are lab values and general stats about me:

Age: 50
Height: 5’7" (170cm)
Weight: 230lbs. (104kg)

Current Health Issues:

Type 2 Diabetes (being treated with diet and exercise)
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (being treated with CPAP)
ED, poor libido

Lab Values (as of August 2012) - all values posted in SI (metric) units:

Hemoglobin: 140 g/L
Hematocrit: 0.43 (flag range is 0.40 ~ 0.50)
White Blood Cell Count: 9.1 (flag range: 4.0 ~ 11.0)
Red Blood Cell Count: 4.80 (flag range: 4.50 ~ 6.00)
MCV: 90.4
MCH: 29.2
MCHC: 323
RDW: 14.2
Platelets: 253 (flag range 150 ~ 400)

Fasting Glucose: 6.7 mmol/l
A1c: 0.063
Creatinine: 97 (range is 67 ~ 115 µmol/l)
eGFR: 71
Sodium: 141 mmol/l (range is 135 ~ 147)
Potassium: 4.1 mmol/l (range is 3.5 ~ 5.5)
Urate: 321 (range is 12 ~ 49)
Alanine Transaminase (ALT): 25 U/L (range is 12 ~ 49)

Cholesterol: 3.94 mmol/l
LDL Cholesterol: 2.39 mmol/l
HDL Cholesterol: 2.39 mmol/l
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio: 4.5
Triglycerides: 1.50

Thyrotropin (Sensitive TSH): 2.09 (flag range is 0.35 ~ 5.00) mIU/L

Testosterone: 5.4 nmol/l (normal range is 8.4 ~ 28.7)
SHBG: 12.5 (normal is 10.0 ~ 70.0)
Bioavailable Testosterone: 3.7 nmol/l (flag range 2.0 ~ 14.0)

TEST RESULTS MAY 2013 (done after being on Androgel 1% for three months):

Hemoglobin: 152 g/L
Hematocrit: 0.48 (flag range is 0.40 ~ 0.50)
White Blood Cell Count: 10.1 (flag range: 4.0 ~ 11.0)
Red Blood Cell Count: 5.18 (flag range: 4.50 ~ 6.00)
MCV: 91.7
MCH: 29.3
MCHC: 320
RDW: 13.8
Platelets: 281 (flag range 150 ~ 400)

Fasting glucose: 7.7
A1c: 0.065 (6.5%)

Creatinine: 103 (range is 67 ~ 115 µmol/l)
eGFR: 66
Sodium: 140 mmol/l (range is 135 ~ 147)
Potassium: 4.3 mmol/l (range is 3.5 ~ 5.5)
Alanine Transaminase (ALT): NOT TESTED

Cholesterol: 3.78 mmol/l
LDL Cholesterol: 2.32 mmol/l
HDL Cholesterol: 0.91 mmol/l
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio: 4.2
Triglycerides: 1.20

Testosterone (total): 16.1 (normal range is 8.4 ~ 28.8 nmol/l)

Thyrotropin (Sensitive TSH): NOT TESTED

Bioavailable Testosterone: NOT TESTED