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It's Official. I'm Buying a Power Rack


I went to the gym yesterday, to do my squat workout, when I notice this loud music coming from the gym, louder than the usual stereo system all gyms have.

it was a fucking DJ playing dance music with a light show.

I went to the gym manager to see what the fuck is going on and he said it was his idea to make the gym more sociable.
Fuck Him, Fuck the DJ, Fuck people who do not know how to work out!!!!!!!!

A new low for gyms everywhere.

P.S. I asked him to at least put naked chicks dancing on a stage. he declined :frowning:


best investment ever


Hahahahaha, I have yet to see any gyms like these. Mine is pretty people friendly, and geared strictly towards cardio people. But still, mine doesn't even play music. And the weightlifting area is tiny. But wow.


lol i thought this thread said "It's Official. I'm Buying a Power Ranger"

so disappointed...


You need to stop working out at the roller derby...


I was thinking the same thing, lol


And start squatting in roller skates...


ufff, it's good to see that i wasn't the only one who thought about power ranger (funny tv program where the city is destroyed everyday and then it gets reconstructed)

about power rack, best piece of equipment you can ever have


Ah hell ya!....wait, nvrm


A fucking DJ in the fucking Gym? Dude What the fuck?


Pink Ranger FTW!


Me too


me three...


Might as well be serving alcohol too.


x 4


i quit my 24hour fitness the day they started to give out bagels and donuts. Now i lift at my school and despite it costing an extra 20$ a week(gas money) it is worth it


The only reason people even clicked on this thread was because we all thought that it said "It's Official: I'm buying a Power Ranger."


My gym has tv's near the power rack next to the benches and all the cool kids sit on the benches and lean on the rack while im trying to workout. I hate that shit!! At least there isnt a dj!


Naked girls dancing on stage, alcohol and lap dances between sets.


I got $20 on it.