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It's Official - I'm an A-hole.


I parked my car on the hill on the south side of campus today, and when I came back from class, some bastard had parked (half in the yellow) his oversized SUV actually touching my rear bumper. Of course, I was awfully close to the car in front of me, and it took five minutes to squeeze myself out of there--the bumper to bumper was actually convenient because I drive a manual, I just let it rest there, but what a dick move. And I could see open parking spots another block away. Guy couldn't be bothered to walk an extra block so he blocked me in.

I drove around the block, and left him a nasty note. "Hey asshole, nice parking. Enjoy the dent." Then I kneed in his door and set off the car alarm.

Maybe I'm a little more stressed than I'm admitting to myself.

Anyway, I'm feeling guilty that I don't feel guilty about it. Know what I mean?


hopefully for you there arent any security cameras around there. otherwise you're looking at a hit n run plus vandalism.


He probably wrote down your license plate number beforehand b/c he was going to contact you later to give you his insurance info for parking on your bumper (he really had to take a shit and didn't have time to leave a note beforehand). Now he has an admission and fingerprints too. You are screwed.



Plus, how many universities are there in Oregon? If I were you I'd at least retract the online confession.


nicely done.


I actually carry little slips of paper in my car that say something like "Nice parking job, asshole!" on them, and I've left them under people's wiper blades on numerous occasions.


good for you, OP. Fuck 'em. I have no sympathy for shitty/lazy drivers


My mom told me that's how people park in chicago. bumper to bumper.


Yeah, that was kinda dick. He sucks but you did physical damage to his ride, and now he'll end up taking it out on some poor sap who doesn't deserve it. If you had your head on straight, you should've let the air out of his tires. Eye for an eye. You both would have been inconvenienced (him to a greater extent, unless he carries around an air tank), and in the end it would blow over in a day.


I'd have let the air out of all 4 tires. Reminds me of the time some dickhead in a pick up truck blocked us in and me and my buddy tandem deadlifted the motherfucker out of the way. Nothing like drunken tandem deadlifts. People should be considerate or suffer the consequences.


feeling guilty for not feeling guilty FTW, happens to me all the time lol


Wow, talk about anger issues. Be the better man next time.


Yeah, it was a bit out of character for me. As for hit and run--don't you have to be in an automobile accident? But yeah, I justified it after the fact to myself as "teaching a lesson--don't act like a dick, or someone'll treat you like a dick." And then realized I sound like every other asshat justifying some over-the-top response.

Wish I'd thought of the tires. Or, now I think about it, just calling the city to tow it. They're hard up for cash and'll do anything for a buck.


I key a car a day, whether they deserve it or not.


Nobody should dare to touch my car with his.

Anyways, whenever I park in a creative way, which might annoy people or next to someone who seems to be a bad driver and likely to damge my car (hitting his fucking door against mine) I take pictures of the licence plates, so I know who I can contact in case of a damage to my car.
I can understand your rage, although you could have reacted a bit less violent.
If someone smashed my car, I d probably hunt him down and kill him. Seriously.
I d prepare a kill room, complete with plastic wrapping and pictures of the car he hurt and then I d collect a blood sample and push a knife into his scrupulous black heart.

Out of fear from vandalism by wannabe traffic teachers or retired janitors, I usually park carefully.
Out of fear from stupid, thoughtless morons or women drivers, I usually park far away from others, even if I have to walk.

I am really sensitive about my car and everyday I see other people who got on the road for no other reason than to damage my car or at least annoy me.


No one is going to check for the fingerprints for a minor hit and run.

But, if that guy remembers OP's plate number, the OP is fucked. Seriously. Be prepared to take the bus for the next couple of years.
Leaving the scene of an accident is a "major violation' for insurance purposes, AND add the money paid by your insurance.

Maybe you should find the guy, kiss his ass and appease him ASAP.


Think they'd tow some other dude's car? Guess it was half in the yellow...


I was joking, chief. I highly doubt the guy even looked at OP's license plate...and he didn't hit the guy's car with his car, he kneed it.


Sure, no insurance is paying for that.
It is deliberate.

I would not try to contact the guy, because he probably didn t get the plate and even if he did, there is no evidence that the owner of this plate did this.

It could have been anybody passing by, who was annoyed by this.