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It's Not For Women


This commercial has actually caused some squabbles at work. I think it's funny. I want to buy it and try it and I don't drink soda.

Has anyone tried this yet?


I think that Diet Dr. Pepper tastes very close to regular. So I'm guessing this one should taste 10% better than that.

And tell the women you work with that arguing about a commercial like that is no way to get a husband.


hahaha!! well most of them are married so maybe I should tell them arguing about that commercial is not the way to keep a husband. They should learn to like Rambo movies and how to make a good sandwich.


No man complains about not being able to use feminine hygene products....


LOL this.

If any woman is seriously complaining about this, grow up.

Side note, OG, I have started getting Dr Pepper 10, and its delicious.


Not trying to be rude, but making a solid blojay would probably go a long way too...

Just saying...


What are they arguing, OG? Because the commercial is tongue-in-cheek, no? It IS marketing to women.


The crazy things are that the women are pissed because they like the movies too and feel left out.

To say what happened. One woman said she liked those movies. So one coworker asked her "I aint got time to bleed. What movie was that in?" Woman couldn't answer it so he told her she was not deserving of Dr. Pepper 10.

I laughed. Woman got mad saying she liked action movies but didn't memorize them.

Other woman mad saying it was sexist to say women don't like action movies and that she doesn't drink diet sodas anyways.

I just kinda was sitting there thinking, love the commercial, gotta try this stuff.

I am not sure why there was a squabble but there was. One woman also said she "FINE if they don't want me to buy it I won't!"

Well she showed them.


While making a sandwich or as a whole separate activity?

just taking notes


I am a San Diego woman, not used to rain, but through horrendous rain I stopped on the way home to see of my local Vons had that stuff and they did not! Oh they owe me, they owe me. I am totally buying the hype of this commercial.


First, not only is it a sammich, but also you make it after the blojay....

If you have to do anything beforehand, rolling a joint is a useful skill....

Or dressing up as a cheerleader, men are easily pleased...


And knowing how some women work this will increase sales of Dr. Pepper to women by 5000%.




The hype is true.


I remember when this one aired and I dont think men were complaining, but the women sure as hell seemed to enjoy it ehehe


The funny thing about that commercial is that it actually does a hell of alot more to stereotype men than women.


Tastes good. I am a bigger fan of Dublin DP than the reg I get where I live. I switched to DP 10.

Have the complaining women watch for all the commercials where men are equated with incompetent or child like. Will well out-number this one commercial.



If anything offends me about the commercial it is the assumption that the mere act of telling a woman she isn't manly enough to have something will incite her to purchase it immediately.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to log off of Testosterone Nation so that I can pick up some beer and nachos for Sunday football :confused:


Well, ladies, those ten calories will go straight to your hips.

And it includes ginseng, popular for male virility.

I like the turn out so far, interesting. (:


Dublin DP is fantastic.