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It's Not a Popularity Contest



My favorite part is that Cheney's only at 19% favorable. I think getting poked in the eye with a stick is around 15%, so that does not say good things about our beloved Dr. Evil.

(Anyone want to hazzard a guess as towhat the usual suspects will say?)


I called my friends.

My popularity is at 100%.

When I factored in my democratic friends on the forum, my popularity held steady at 100%

Thanks to everyone who participated.



Damn, you two must be 300% popular with the ladies if all you do is starting anti-liberal threads in T-Nation.


harris will be offended.


Not really. More amused at the fact that this shithead can't tell this wasn't an anti-liberal thread. Was calling Dick Cheney "Dr. Evil" too subtle for him?


I like Cheney much more than Bush, i think he's more level headed and just a better person really than the pres. Of course, he is bush's lackey and will follow him making rash decisions b/c its what he has to do politically.


Sorry my reply it was supposed to refer to JeffR and his threads. (Hey its 1 am in UK).


Cheney, a mindless lapdog? I thought he was the evil puppeteering mastermind that was actually running the show.

And a poll I'd be very curious to see - Cheney's approval ratng with terrorists.


Is that a man-face on the popular image today?

[innocent whistling]


From what i've seen as far as quick biographies of him focusing on his VP years are that he has basically followed behind GWB's political philosophies , attitudes and ideals ( i am making a big difference between this and plain ol' conservatism, he really is GWB's performing lapdog) , and within that framework i think he is basically running the show , he's definitely the brain behind the presidency but NOT the originating force behind everything. So in summary he may be managing the show but doesnt seem to have a lot of say so in its direction. He's bush's biatch

BTW wasn't cheney a bush crony before bush's presidency? Even during his governor years? Its sad that i know so little about texas' favorite son..

Approval rating? I could see it both ways as far as hating or liking. Perhaps they view the administration kind of like the old mafiosos viewed their respective U.S. administrations during the prohibition era : as a necessary evil, that lets them profit and flourish.This Iraq debacle has enabled terrorists to spread like HIV in a crackhead inside Iraq.


Bush still has a better approval rating than the congress - which if taken by party would really be interesting to see.

I'd bet the republicans are running around 55-60, and the loser left hitting in the very low teens - probably lower than Cheney.


RJ : not to be a doubting bigdon but do you have any sources to back that up what you said about bush having a higher level of approval than congress?


Hmm. I think there is a distinction to be made from the standpoint that Cheney had no motive of his own - ie, running for president. Therefore, he acted as a type of cabinet member in terms of policy instead of a figure-in-waiting.

I think you should go survey Cheney's resume - you don't have to like him, but he is one of the most accomplished men in politics. I don't think he has ever been a crony to anyone.

I don't know that dead terrorists are exactly the goal of the terrorists, nor do I see how a democratic vote and a constitution will further their aims.

Terrorists like like-minded American politicians - ones that talk about how Islamists' evildoing is 'not their fault', etc. That plays directly into their hands. I suspect that they aren't big fans of Cheney.


I think that the most recent congresssional approval rating favored Dems by about 7 points.


If Rainman had read the article, he would see that, with a +/- of 3%, Bush and congress are statistically even.


It's in the article that was linked.


I would've put Karl Rove in the "Dr. Evil" roll and Dick Cheney as "Fat Bastard". Come on really, how do you pass that analogy up?


Vice President Dick Cheney has never been as popular as the president in polls, but his favorable rating is down 9 points this year to 19 percent, and Congress has 34 percent approval.

For those that only read the top half of the article.


Statisitically even?

You post this kind of crap so you can get your "I hate Bush and everyone else does too hard-on". And when someone referes to part of the article you don't like you have to bring up the margin of error?

Call it even if that makes you feel better. The article said nothing about statistically even. I could give a shit. But the fact remains that Congress is doing just as badly in the eyes of the public - or should I say 900 some-odd "random" individuals - as the President.

I hope you are as eager to post polling data when the President starts climbing back up in the polls. I know how you pink pantied type liberals are - you think that a thousand random pollees are what makes this country go round. Please be sure to report the margin of error next November - 'kay?

Can you tell me what the margin of error was about a year ago? That's right - becasue when people are given the chance to speak with their vote - there is no margin of error. That's why so many on the left are watching the game instead of playing.


God, you're so full of hate it's almost arousing, in a pink-pantied sort of way.