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It's Not A 3-Pete


This is not meant to disrespect USC. I like USC and Pete Carrol. But its NOT at 3-Pete(peat). LSU won the BCS national title in 03. All the of the colleges, including USC, decided with the NCAA that the BCS was the system to use for deciding a sole champion...no more split champions. I don't care if the AP pole voted USC number one. If some voter in Wyoming started a pole and voted Wyoming number one, should we recognize them as champions. Like it or not(and I hate the BCS more than anyone), the BCS is the system that is recognized. You can't change the rules to favor your team. Funny, USC fans acknowledge USC as last years BCS champions. You can't have both.

It is irresponsible when all of the broadcasters(especially those who support and are on the BCS committee)refer to it as a 3-peat. Again, I am not bashing USC or USC fans. So lets start the debates!


Don't even get me started on the '03 debate, because LSU did win the title. So sorry USC. Suck it up.


you're 100% correct, screw USC.


By the way, I think your Squat-Rack curls post is the longest running post ever. Congrats!

And just for the readers sake, this is not a Bash-USC thread. Go Texas(Kidding!).


Deal, but Go TEXAS!!!!!!


honestly, I'm all for Texas winning the big game.

USC doesn't look as good this year as they have the last few, last year they were Amazing. Texas this year, just looks better. Granted they don't have a reggie bush, or lyndale white, I think they have the stronger D of the two teams. Their offenses are fairly even.

Regardless of who wins, it's going to be a great game. Go Big XII and I repeat, screw USC. haha


I agree, definitely not a 3-peat.

I also don't see how anyone can claim USC is the greatest college football team in history. Yes, i'll give you that they may have the greatest offense in college football history, but what about that defense?

Sure, they have some good talent on that defense, but they're nowhere near "great" let alone "the greatest".


USC will beat Texas by at least 20. The game will be over by the 3rd quarter.


Not a threepeat.

They have one in a row. I hope they don't get two just because I am sick of the media hype.

Go Texas.

And I think picking Reggie Bush No 1 would be a mistake. He may be exciting for a short while but I don't see him having a long productive career.


Texas is gonna win! GO HORNS!!!!!!!


Things I hate about Pete Carroll:

  1. Drove the NY Jets into the ground while their coach.

  2. Destroyed the Patriots by being their male cheerleader instead of their headcoach.

  3. He has become beloved in Southern California. That alone stands as proof of his weak character.

  4. That crazy-assed bent finger of his. Probably broke it slapping a quarterback on the back after a really good interception throw.

My hatred of him is totally irrational, but he just strikes me as a fucking nincompoop.


Allllllll yaa'llllllllllllll playa hatazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........



........can eat a dick.

GO USC MOTHAFUCKAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No real rebuttal, I see... I wonder why, oh wait, no I don't, 'cause there isn't a real rebuke.


I doubt it. That's pretty bold. I see Texas as staying on USC's ass the entire game.


Whatever...you guys can hide behind the BCS rankings but fact is USC was the best team in 03, they've been the best team since, and they are the best team now!



You watch entirely too much ESPN.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I must be the only one who got a kick out of that, but THANKS!


USC defense has some major problems with teams who can run. Texas must put Leinart on his ass. He is a bitch when he gets sacked more than once, ane Texas must contain Bush on the flanks and keep him North and South.

And for anyone who thinks '03 USC could have beat '03 LSU is nuttier than a sack of Squirrel shit.


MY ASS! LSU in '03 was the best AND the champs, ok? Is everyone for USC a whiny baby?


If anyone thinks '05 USC could beat '95 Nebraska team they're sorely mistaken. That defense was N-A-S-T-Y.