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It's My Birthday *sigh*

I turned 27 today… normally I love birthdays, but today is a little depressing. My first born is at school and my husband is at work and I realize I will be 30 soon.
There is nothing else to do but cheer myself up w/ some food… lot’s of it. Something really yummy/fatening. Or maybe I’ll just go to a day spa and treat myself… hum… clothes… I could always go shopping… Okay… the day is looking up… Off to spend some money.
Happy Birthday everyone else who has a birthday today! Cheers!

Well, happy B-day you old fart!

Just kidding, you look great and I hope your day pans out.


Happy Birthday Solo’s Girl.


Can I sing happy birthday in my Marilyn Monroe voice?

Happy Birthday Babe!

Go shopping and buy yourself something sexy. That always makes me happpy!


This will cheer you up, I’m looking at the big 40 this month! I would gladly switch you for 27!

It’s your birthday, but you gave us the gift of that picture. Age is just a number.

Happy Birthday!

27? The years are kind to you.

And as Phatman already said, I’d trade you, but then again, I’d have to go through a whole lot of crap again that I just don’t want to deal with…

So, let’s hear it for 40!!

So much of life ahead of you… It’s all good.

Happy bird-day, hottie!

Happy Birthday, with “many” returns - mine’s on Friday, but
I’m not telling anyone!!!

Happy Birthday!!..I know what you mean I turned 29 last week.Right at 30’s front door.I just made a promise to be in the best shape I can be in for the remander of my days.

i’d hit on you i am 22

wink wink

happy birthday

Thank you everyone!

tapping nails I’m waiting for my song, JWright… :wink:

And Jared NFS, that made my day!!

Happy Early Birthday, Joey Z. and Happy Belated birthday, Johnny Law :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for all your kind words… I love T-nation (((hug)))

Oh, and Cass… I did go shopping, I also ate out at a French restaurant, LA Petite Auberge. Sooo, good! I wore a miniskirt and my taupe “hooker” boots… I love feeling sexy :wink:

:slight_smile: Christina

You must be a happy girl if you love feeling sexy. :slight_smile:

You remind me of that new song…“Stacy’s mom has got it goin’ on.”

Anyone else for the MILF vote?

I’d like to give her her birthday spankings…

Hapy birthday!

In my best Barry White voice:

Happy Birthday… to you

Happy Birthday… to you, babe

Happy Birthday, Christina

Happy Birthday… to youuu!!

Happy B-Day!

I wore a miniskirt and my taupe “hooker” boots

Any pics of you in that you could post? :D)

Hope it was a good one. Age IS just a number…but for some of us (me) it’s a bigger number than others (you). Did the hubby get you something nice? (Is he finished with that bathroom yet?)