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It's My Birthday DAMNIT!!!!


Everybody shutup and be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              !!  42  !!


HA HA HA You're Old!

Enjoy your birthday, dude.


Thread hijack, it was my birthday last Thursday.

I turned 23.


Happy b-day, fellow Leo! My b-day is the 16th. I am busily celebrating your birthday with my fiance--we have been apart all summer and he picked me up at the airport this morning!


You know what they say about turning 43...

you cant get your penis hard.


Happy birthday man!

Hope you had a happy birthday too :D.


Happy Birthday!!! I'm 42, too.

I'm happy for you, Chrysalis!! That has to be tough being apart that long.... But, i'm sure you guys are making up for it:) Don't hurt yourselves TOO much.

Fuck You, Wol.


Your Canadian. Happy birthday dude.

and to the OP happy birthday bro, 42 years young eh. Well...no...not really, your actually going to die soon. Have a good one.


Happy birthday guys! Now get out there, get drunk, and get some birthday tail!


I lol'd


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Happy birthday


To those who gave a sincere birthday well wish, thank you!

To those who did otherwise, FUCK YOU AND DIE SLOWLY IN A FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did you expect?
Im soooooo old and cranky ( and may die soon).....


Grats on being born on this date. GOOD JOB!


I know right??

It's not like such a thing is easy.