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Its Me Or The Dog !!


this has not happened to me , it happened to my pal ,his dog shit on his wifes wedding dress and chewed it up a bit . he got rid of the dog but what would you do if your wife ( for what ever reason )gave you the ultimatum " the dog goes or i go ".
i dont know what i'd do i love my dog i've had it for 8 years and it would kill me to get rid of her .

your thoughts on this -


Wife? Bye, Fido.

Girlfriend or any other relationship? Bye, lady.


How many wives give the ultimatum, "It's me or the dog" when the dog in question is a well disciplined, well behaved dog? If your dog is an untrained, ill-behaved terror...it's your fault, not the dog's.


Its probably good that you ask this here and now so we can all prep our answers.

Because if I hesitated in front of her as long as its taking me to figure out the answer right now, well, thats probably not a good thing.

I probably shouldn't respond, "Can I think about it?"


^ This man knows what he is talking about.


Umm... I'm divorced and have a dog.

Just saying.


make them fight to the death. either way you win.


That's fucking lame. If she would leave me for something like a mistake from a dog, then she can find several things later on.
"ESPN or me"
"Internet or me"

she can go fuck herself.


There is no chance that I would ever give up my dogs for a woman.

Those dogs get accustomed to you and love their families... to get rid of it and fuck its life up because of some cunt is kind of terrible.

But then, I'd never be marrying the kind of woman that told me to get rid of my dog, so my guess is that your buddy is going to be beaten down or divorced in five years anyway.


Exactly right.


Tell her to get lost. Otherwise this won't be the last ultimatum.


Me and ultimatums cannot exist. And I think ultimatums aren't part of a healthy relationship. Isn't an "ultimatum" just another form of extortion?


Agreed. A woman that's worth it wouldn't say that unless your dog was a disaster. In which case it's your own fault.


An ultimatum like that really just shows HER lack of devotion to the relationship. She puts value of something that doesn't fucking matter, a dress, over something that is very special to you, your relationship with your dog.

Do you really want to be with a woman who puts her own possessions over your happiness? I wouldn't.




Well, no offense but wedding dresses are a pretty big deal, even to women who aren't possesion crazy


I just wanna know if she cared so much about the dress, why in the fuck was it accessible to the dog?

If my boyfriend didn't like my dog, it would never get to the point where he would become my husband.


ultimatums= Bad but, how long did he have the dog that it was still taking shits where it wanted? That dog is a menace to society..:wink:


If I had a spouse that would be willing to leave me over a piece of clothing, then I would show them the door.

If I married someone that would leave me over a piece of clothing, then I would deserve it due to my stupidity.

If I had a dog that crapped on then chewed up a piece of clothing, I would evaluate how well I trained that dog and whether or not situation is actually my fault and not the animal's.

Overall - each situation is different. Many, many variables. I'd take it on a case-by-case basis.


I think my wife loves our 2 Min-Pins more than she loves me.