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It's Lose, Not Loose!


Sorry. I just had to get that off of my chest.

Can we sticky this thread?



Wouldn't do any good anyway. Sort of like there their and they're, nobody's getting that right. Just be glad when people use whole words.


Your and you're. For fuck's sake, most people here graduated high school. Is it too much to ask for people to put to use 12+ years of education?

I could plop my scrotum on the keyboard and make more grammatical sense than 20% of some people.

This is not a joke, my left nut works for Merriam-Webster.


More than 20% of some people? That didn't make a great bit of sense, either.

I figure i'll throw out some words also.

To, too, two.


I don't understand how people confuse lose and loose, they don't even sound the same.


People are retards. Get over it.


your an idiot and a looser. Their is no need for this thread and noone is going to listen. I hate it when people think there better then others because they can spell and use correct grammer.

How many fuck ups in that?


My main problem w/ spelling and grammatical errors is when two people have a flame war over something that has NOTHING to do with syntax, but then someone just throws out some red herring of a "burn" and calls someone out on an error like mistyping "house" as "houae". Because, of course, true measure of a man's intellect lies in whether or not his finger slips 1/2 a centimeter when typing 60wpm.


What, exactly, is lose, not loose? Both are words, if that's what you're getting at.

No, no, I get what you mean. It's actually pretty surprising how many people confuse the two.

But, seriously, take a look at the other shit that's going on: brb, gtg, afk, roflmao, lolwtfbbq, to name a few. Many people don't even bother using paragraphs or the spell check function. More than that don't even concern themselves with proper punctuation.

Their defense? It's an Internet message board, so who cares?

I mean, I get it - it's the Internet. Despite that, it really never hurts to present yourself as something more intelligent than Contrl's randomly plopped nut sack. After all - you don't use it, you lose it.

It's no surprise that people are getting dumber.

but i mean itz da interwebz, get used to it lolz!!1

1, 2)










pwned indeed.


The only one that really gets me is "I could care less" ... The correct way to do it is "I couldnt care less." The first one implies that you do in fact care, and COULD care less than you currently do, while the second implies you care so little, it would not be possible to care less than you do.


That gets to me as well, I do not think I have ever heard it said correctly making me think that the wrong way actually is the right way. Nonetheless I still stuck to my guns.


This is enlightening.
To and too.
Their, they're and there.
How about misuse of the word anxious? CT, CW, Alwyn or whomever writes an article and some of the replies say, "I am so anxious to try this". HUH? Anxious means troubled. Eager perhaps?

On another note, people saying flex and referring to muscle. HUH? Joints flex. Muscles contract.


(Insert appropriate alternative definition here).

(See above).

Just messin' with ya.


This thread is rediculous[sic!].


i poop better threads then this. loosers, g37 @ |iF3 |0|z

but no, this shit doesn't bother me... and the evolution of language to include commonly used terms like 'lol' is similar to people saying SWAT instead of ... no one bitches about that.


I don't think complaining online is going to effect people's usage.


Since when does a colloquialism have a correct/incorrect usage?

I think some people are anal just for the sake of being anal.


It is actually easy to memorise:

Loose women = good

Lose women = bad


Hell yeah! Those fucking mistakes are one of my biggest pet hates!