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It's Lonely at the Top. Any Other 7th Decade Competitors?


As I struggled over the decades to win a National show a friend told me.."just hang in there long enough and you might be the last man standing". It is appearing that this is almost the case. I see some great physiques on some 70 year old men but their skin looks like a Shar Pei puppy. Saggy glutes and navels hidden in flaps of skin.

Sure some pop out great gear inflated pecs, delts and bis, some muscular uncut legs. I have seen some tiny 'fitness physiques' but sadly , no one seems to train for conditioning. i.e. The Total Package.....proportionate mass, cuts, symetry and tight skin. Yet, I know you are out there...poised to kick my sorry ass off the stage.

I have sought you all out on other Boards to no avail. I can not be the only old cogger living under the squat and power rack. My 21 year old training partner is tired of hearing my story. He says I sound like a broken record...vinyl record.


My bobybuilding is still a work in progress. Mainly because at the moment I have other major interests ie inline speed skating. BB is a sport I am saving for my senior years. At that time I should be mellow enough not to give a shit if I win or lose. At that time it will be all about good times and meeting amazing people.


OK, let's say we lower the bar to age 65. There must be loads of you youngsters in here that wish to share the the joys and pain of high level competetive training.....right?

Well, I shall start anyway. "Growing legs after age 70/er, 65". This has been a constant struggle for me ever since I first stepped on stage in 1983 and learned later that my 5th placement in the Mr. L.A. was due to my poor leg development not matching my passable upper body. Only once did I ever get my legs up to par.

After one year of heavy gear and mind boggling heavy squatting I did pull it together and won a nice Regional show title. The experience was physically and emotionaly exhausting and took my some time to recover. I never tried that again. Anyway, the facia in my legs CAN be stretched and gorged with muscle afterall.

Question is how do I do that now 25 years later, 3 Meniscus knee surgeries later and just 2 years after breaking 3 bones in my leg in my late 60s? And then, lets add in that it has been 12 years since I last dieted for a show. Dropping 30 pounds of fat and gaining 10 pounds of muscle in the past 6 months has been a trip in itself indeed. I opened my savings account and have at hand every quality amino acid, herbal, suppliment and vitamin available. By the bucket. I have very expensive pee.

I am on a modified Keto with 300 grams protein per day. Legs are done twicew a week. Squat day is an hour of squating in the power rack incl. using bands and chains. In the squat department I am not that impressive poundage wise but I do get lots of sets and reps. Then there is my 1 1/2 hour misc. leg day 3 days later. Featured is high rep 45 degree leg press. This past Sunday these Gweneth Paltrow legs hauled up 12 plates for 25 deep reps on the last set.

I throw in dead lifts, stiff leggeds, some Sumos, extentions, and calf work on this day. Does this hurt more at my age than at lets say 35? HELL YES. But, look at the alternative. A bent over wrinklepuss with a beer belly, wheezing and caught in the dark fog of time happens to not be my choice. I'd rather lie in bed at night with sore joints and muscles yelling at me and then having my old bride rub her hand over my 6 pack in amazement.


At 55, I thought I was one of the older codgers on here. I thought I could whine about my arthritis and other age-related problems, and maybe get some sympathy. But, now you come along, and blow that all away, Mr. 70+! :slightly_smiling:

Anyway, welcome to the forum. I'll be following your efforts with interest.


You're NOT alone. Granted, there are not many Master's 60 plus competitors around, but I'm a bit surprized that, as a competitor yourself, you haven't met or networked with others in your category.

Do you compete in Bodybuilding or Powerlifting?
What Federations?

Here is the log of a 67 year old competitive bodybuilder who posts here, and describes his training for Pro Masters when he was 64:


Here is his training log after he got his Pro card:


Read and enjoy.


NPC Bodybuilding. Masters Over 70 2010 next show.
Been networking with 50 year old competitors, fun but not the same. My son is 50.
I have seen Old Navy on other forums. We walk to a very different beat of the drum.

The problem I have is that I REFUSE to grow old, I train with attitude and balls to the wall. I am a Bodybuilder who loves Bodybuilding ...not an old man who still trains. I walk with a swagger. I am in touch with my inner A hole and use that to my advantage. Same with my humor.


A positive attitude is great at any age.

And the fact that you're a cocky bastard with a swagger is kinda sexy ;^)


Well so far no takers. I need some one to kick my sorry cogger butt across the Boards. Motivation you know. Thanks all for the look see at my dilema. I wish you all great safe training and may you all reach your goals. I shall continue my search elsewhere.


Why not go ahead and start a training log here?


What Math said. Putting up a log here is pretty good motivation for me, and I think most everyone on here.


You're a rare bird BaldSnake.

I think guys in your league are out there, but they aren't on the forums. They're in a tiny little garage gym of their own and they've known each other for years. That makes them challenging to find.

Ask around at gyms in your area where anybody has seen some gigantic white-haired m*rF*rs and you'll be on their trail.