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It's Happening!

Thanks to everyone who gave us some feedback on the “Poll: More Price Drops” thread. Those weren’t redundant questions; we really needed to hear your thoughts on these ideas.

I just got out of meeting with Tim Patterson. Long story short: It’s a go. All of it. We have liftoff.

Three more supplements will now be sold ONLY at this site: ZMA for 9$, M for $17 and (my favorite) Power Drive for $17 instead of $40.

And what’s probably more exciting: Tim is going to go ahead with a few exclusive, T-mag only formulations and special blends. This is even better than most realize because it gives us the freedom to go all out with no limitations on how powerful we want to make a fat burner or Testosterone booster. These things will be nuclear! Hell, I’m a little scared of one of them!

And they’ll be inexpensive! That, folks, is the power of cutting out the middleman and selling directly, and T-Nation is now big enough to do it. Thank you for that!

So get ready. RED BANDS and ALPHA MALE are about to kick the door down!

More info soon…

Chris, You, the t-mag staff and Biotest are outdoing yourselves man!! As soon as my doctor clears me to take protein poweders (safety precaution by mother) I’m going to go crazy on these deals. May god bless you, t-mag, and biotest for these wonderful hookups!

Holy crap! this is amazing.

Thanks alot Tim, TC, Chris, and the rest of the Biotest staff. You guy’s really know how to take care of your customers. You certanly have already made a life long customer out of me.

I can’t wait for the Testosterone boosters to be unleashed. I will be without a dought the first person in line to buy those products. Do you guy’s have any idea when we might see those products?

Thanks again guy’s. :slight_smile:

Sweeett. You guys made my year. There ain’t nobody like you guys. Thanks a billion.

That is awesome. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better. Only disappointment is I just ordered my grow and surge yesterday. Oh well, it is still cheaper to eat the separate shipping costs. I’ve always wanted to try powerdrive, now that it is cheaper, I will. Keep it up guys.


Words cannot describe how much you guys are appreciated for everything you do! You are changing peoples lives. Thank You.

By the way, did anyone else almost piss their pants when they read this for the first time? :wink:

This is the best news I’ve heard in weeks. :slight_smile:

Thanks again Biotest!

I Love You.

I pissed in my pants, but only b/c im incontinent. This news did make me nuts though!!! this is great

HOLY SHIT!!! Almost started crying. This is great. Thankyou just isn’t good enough. The best thanks is buying your products from your store and thats what I’ll be doing from now on.

One question: Can you give us a time period for when these new formulations and special blends will be for sale? Thanks again!!!

I think I filled the cup. (has anyone seen Jay and Silent Bob?)
With all of these price cuts, I can eat supps like candy.

i was going to commit suicide but when i read this i realized that there was still more of life to live. Since mag-10 was gone i felt no reason to live…but now i have one…thanks biotest…

ps…dont screw up or i will do it haha jk

Even me who whines about how much Biotest still charges for grow will buy the ZMA. That’s even cheaper than another other brand on the market. It’s one of the few supplements I notice a bit of a difference with (althought I haven’t tried Biotest’s brand yet). I might even give Surge a go…not sure yet because I like my protein powder and rice meal :slight_smile:

It would be great if you bring back Ribose-C.

sniffsniff…you guys are the best… (insert happy cries for joy here)

Make the Red Katt strong enough to replace Mag-10 and I will be a happy man!

This has got to be the best thing I’ve read in a long time. It’s like Christmas is coming early this year.

This is great. I’ll be buying from you guys exclusively now because I just can’t afford not too (still can’t believe it). Thanks.

thank you t-mag!thats just awsome!