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Its Good, But Not Enough


My current pull/push/squat monday/wednesday/friday routine is going well. so well, in fact, i often cant wait to wake up to head to the gym again. i go to school 5 days a week, and we have a top-of-the-line gym that i want to make use of. i'm so often tempted to go in there on my days where im supposed to giving my muscles a rest and just churn out a few reps, but i know i can't.

is there anyway to split up my workouts from m/w/f to maybe... m/t/th/fri or anything like that? anything that can put me into the gym more would be great.

of course im educated on the fact that muscles need time to grow and rest, etc, but is there a way to cleverly design my workout so i can find shortcuts so i can workout more?




Apparently you can go up to eight sessions a week if you follow this program, four days a week with two sessions each. There's no reason you can't go four days a week, as long as you're careful about not burning out.


Looks like a pretty badass program, thanks.