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It's go time

I’m planning on doing my first cycle in less than a month now. Yes, yes, I know you older guys are against me using and I respect that and everything. Nonetheless, I’ve decided on a 8 week cycle followed by 16 weeks off. This is how it will go:
Week 1-8: 500 mg of Sustanon 250

Week 1-8: 200 mg of norDeca(200)

Week 8: 100 mg of Clomid (200 mg on Day 1)

Week 9: 50 mg of Clomid

My questions are this: Do you think taking 700 mg is enough for a first cycle?? Have you had good experience using Sustanon with Deca?? Should I be taking more Clomid for longer?? Should I do both injections (Deca and Sustanon) on the same day each week?? Is it better to split up Sustanon 250 into 2 injections a week or is it better to do just 1 of 500 mg?? And lastly, should injections and Clomid be done/taken in the morning or evening?? Thanks in advance for any answers that are provided to my questions.