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Fuck you.





A much better Friday.


I only watched a minute but it seems to be a video of a girl singing about Friday.

I guess I'd be pissed off and ripping my hair out if I were 20, but at 37 this just doesn't bother me at all anymore. It's new pop music. No worries.


friiiday friiiiday

Fuck, what an incredibly annoying child. She sounds like a frog.


My kid just showed me this video. They let anyone sing these days.


Didn't watch it.

Not into the new Rick-Roll.


Could have sworn there was already a shitty thread with this fucking video in it. Stop posting this garbage.

Let's negate this shit, shall we.






I remember after seeing meth in a video with those white contacts, I wanted some so bad.


I'll fucking cut your knee caps off, and make you kneel in some stair case piss.



Hells yea! Haven't watched that in forever!