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It's Friday the 13th. Anyone Superstitious?


If you are, how much? Do you just not walk under ladders? or do you throw salt over your shoulder and spit three times? LOL

How about black cats or broken mirrors? Would you ever live on the 13th floor of a building?

If you are superstitious, how did you get that way and have you ever "broken" one of the taboos and actually had a bad consequence? Do you believe it was because you broke the taboo? Or did your subconscious mind create a situation that reinforced a self limiting belief?

I find this aspect of human psychology absolutely fascinating.

Personally, I am not superstitious in any way, shape or form. However, I must confess when I see a black cat, or see/break a taboo I am "conscious" of it because of my cultural conditioning. And I don't walk under ladders because that's just common sense... right?

Thoughts? Opinions? Stories?


I was born on friday the 13th, take that!

Italian customs you have to "toccati coglioni" for good luck. I still do it...



I tweaked my back last week doin OH presses, and I've felt like I'm on the verge of doing some damage (I've yet to get it checked out), and since I've been busy as fuck with school this past week, I've only been back to the gym once...

Today's shoulder day, and I definitely thought about not doing OH presses today haha


There is a huge concert at my school today. 20k people or so. I am definitely concerned...




I sacrifice my goats whenever the fuck I want


At first I was nervous because I had an anatomy final this morning, but I ended up killing it. Then I was able to talk to my professor for a different course about bumping my grade from a 92.66% to a 93% (A- to A), and that went well also!
And then I just made some scrambled eggs in bacon grease that I had been saving in my fridge. They're amazing.
So far, so good.


Oh goodie! It's national "smash a mirror, cross a black cat, while walking under a ladder" day


I read somewhere that statistically, friday the 13th's aren't bad for insurance companies, ie less accidents which is good for everyone.

I always laugh when I get in an elevator and there is no '13th' floor. Those 14th floorers know exactly where they are.


I never really think about it but yesterday I walked under a ladder twice and today a hot ass 16 hit on me at work, I'm not sure if thats good or bad. If my mom could've held me in five more hours I would've been born on a friday the 13th.


Never thought about it like that. Pretty funny now that I think of it.


Does anyone else miss middle school?


Walking under a ladder is no longer unlucky, thanks to personal injury lawyers.


can't believe everyone missed this.


It would be so neat if Halloween was on a Friday the 13th one year! Extra spooky!


whoops, meant to post this



Yesterday I had a seemingly undending stream of awkward moments, rejections, and minor embarrassments to my daily plan. It was so weird, and yet it was a great day because at the end of it I noticed how little it affected me and how much I kept my spirits high. Last year I'd have responded much worse. So yeah, I think I beat Friday the 13th.

Not directly relating to this thread but today was also a really shitty day. I had a confrontation with two people at work [I'm new, they aren't] and things were tense and awkward for the rest of the day. But I'm glad I did it, and I'm glad thinks got tense and awkward. If they're going to make me uncomfortable for their entertainment I'll give it right back to them. And who knows what they may say to our coworkers who they undoubtedly know better, but honestly I'm not going to worry my ass off over something like LUCK....I'd rather deal with whatever comes if/when it does. And with that what could have been a bad day that left me worried is actually a good day, because I know that even if I don't control my circumstances, I do control what I make of them.

I guess what I'm saying is that the less I worry about things like luck, something that eve if it existed would be out of my control, the happier I am. Feeling like I control of where I go makes me happy even when things get tough. I don't feel helpless. Anyway I'll stop rambling.