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It's Fine if I Want to Do 50% BBB, Even if...

The work is easy, right? Would I jeopardise my progress by not increasing my BBB percentage? My priority is getting the work done, so I don’t see why I need to push myself on the supplemental work if I don’t need to. Also, with TM tests, it’s not 5 easy reps I do, so 60% BBB might be more like inadvertent 70% in my case. My theory is to err on the side of light. Mass isn’t a priority for me either, but I like the 5sPRO + BBB format for leaders because it looks great for the long-haul, which is my aim. Still, I’d be interested in hearing Jim’s take on this. My impression from his work is that people make the mistake of overdoing it, and I agree. Good workouts don’t necessarily have to be intense.

No, as long as you are not using it as a strength marker/indicator. As long as you are pushing something else, you will be fine. I use the same weight for BBB for the younger athletes I personally train (not in a team setting) for as long as it takes for them to 1000000% master the weight/bar speed.

That doesn’t mean increasing the weight is bad; it just means there is a different way of getting shit done.