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its fight time


Yes my fightin' friends on T-mag,
its time once again to throw in your predictions for this weekend's Pride middle weight Grand Prix in Saitama, Jpn.

The 1st round line-up looks like this:

Alistair Overeem vs. Chuck Liddell
Quinton Jackson vs. Ricardo Arona (he is out now-looks like Murilo Bustamante is replacing him)
Hidehiko Yoshida vs. Kiyoshi Tamura
Kazuyuki Sakuraba vs. Vanderlei Silva


my picks:

Lidell over Overeem (ko I hope)

Jackson will beat Bustamante. Just too strong for Busta. Actually would rather see Busta than Arona so this is cool.

Yoshida or Tamura: I just hope we can see Yoshida in a REAL fight this time. Would like to see Tamura drill him standing up.

and sorry Sakuraba, Silva is gonna beat your ass for the 3rd time. Too strong, too aggro, too nasty.

When its all said and done I pick Jackson vs. Silva in the November finals.


My picks are in bold

Alistair Overeem vs. Chuck Liddell
Quinton Jackson vs. Murilo Bustamante. Only because Murilo is too light.
Hidehiko Yoshida vs. Kiyoshi Tamura
Kazuyuki Sakuraba vs. Vanderlei Silva Yes, it breaks my heart!

I'll let you know about my 2nd round picks once Pride announces the new pairings.


Damn, Silva already busted him up once, Sakuraba can't handle him. I just wish that I could get this here in Korea, anyone know if I can get a webcast?


There is no webcast with video - but there are a group of guys in Osaka that commentate live on "Paltalk", a kind of BB.

Forgot the site address but there may be links to it from maxfighting.com.

Even while in Japan I would listen in live because they are hilarious, and you can interact with them via instant messaging on the site. They're always ripping on the lame pro-wrestlers Pride throws in there, so can't wait to hear their Yoshida comments.


I pick Vandelei SIlva, espcially since I started to work with him recently...



Everyone's saying Jackson's too strong for Busta. Folks, it hasn't been that long since Sak subbed him, and I think Murilo is stronger/bigger than Sak. He's also got way better standup than Saku.

Busta by submisssion, Rd. 1


What are you doing with Silva, Kalman? He's a madman.. I love that guy.


I'm really not a Rampage fan, and to be quite honest I really dont see what all the fuss is about him, but I still think he's going to beat Bustamante. Why? Simply because I dont feel Bustamante has displayed his mad skills against enough top players in mma.

Although the same can be said about Rampage, his career is on its way up and momentum plays a huge role in sports.


Busta is top-knotch, there can be no doubt. Nobody could handle him in the UFC, but Rampage will come in too strong. Jackson's been training with Ricco & Tito, both of whom have big fights (Nogeira will beat Ricco anyway), and Colin Oyama.

Busta wasn't training for a fight up until this week.

but Bustamantes sub game being better than Sak's? mmmm don't know about that.


I am helping him with his nutrition (diet, supplements, etc.) The guy eats 4-5 BigMacs per day, no sh*t, imagine how he would be if he ate clean and used top nothc supplements. he will be soon though... Watchout, he will be even better in no-times soon.


Silva chowing on Macs? And he is about 100 Kilos and looks in great shape... Damn!

Get him eating right and he'll have to take on the heavies before long.

speaking of, I hear Igor Vovchanchin has dropped the fat and is looking good for his fight.

Amazing how some of these guys can have terrible eating habits & still perform well. Sak's drinking & smoking caught up with him, but still it speaks to the importance of other factors.


Silva's busted up Sakuraba twice now, and I don't think that the third time's going to be any different. Hate to say it, 'cause I like Sakuraba, but he hasn't been the same since he broke his collarbone. He couldn't handle Silva when he was at the top of his game; he certainly won't be able to now. In fact, I don't even know why they paired those two together again, other than for just the marquee value around here.

I'm also not all that impressed with Rampage. Strong guy, lots of heart, but just not all that exciting as a fighter. Still, he's a lot better than Kevin Randleman (sp?). Talk about a disappointment! Looking at the guy and hearing his pre-game, you'd think that here would be someone who'd be just unbelievable in the ring. But no. Seems like all he does is back people up into a corner and hold them there.


Ok, the hype has gotten to me. I'm changing my pick from Kiyoshi Tamura to Hidehiko Yoshida.


When is Bob Sapp's next fight? I've never seen him in action but when you're 350 lbs and your style is NFL(that always kills me hehehe) you must be fairly interesting to watch. :slight_smile:


Sapp is fighting in the K-1 in Vegas on the 15th, and against another guy with little skill.
Should be a delightful exhibition of haymakers until Bob squashes Kimo.


Saku, are you counting on Yoshida logging another "win" via pajama smother?


So Sapp is fighting Kimo in a kickboxing tournament? Isn't K1 kickboxing? I'm thinking Sapp kickboxes as well as I arrange flowers...in other words pretty fucking crude!!! :wink:


You are correct in regards to Bob's "way of technique with no technique" Arcane, and I like your flower reference :slight_smile:

Ol' Bob is gonna be on 20 Lb hamhead's show (otherwise known as Jay Leno) this monday the 11th. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll hammerfist blockhead through his desk.

C'mon Silva bring the pain!


I thought k1 was just kickboxing is that correct? I still want to see Sapp fight. I also want to see Fedor fight. I haven't seen any of the new guys fight. I'm used to the Royce days. :wink: