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[quote]Taquito wrote:
* Pramanik T,
* Adhikari P.

Department of Physiology, Nepal Medical College, TUTH. drpramanik@hotmail.com

Pulse pressures of two groups of young (18-35 yrs) normotensive non smoker men were compared. One group used to do regular resistance exercise in gymnasium & anther group used to practice aerobic exercise (playing football basketball etc.) regularly. Duration of exercise for both the group was same. Higher pulse pressure was noted in the group taking strength training than that of the persons taking aerobic exercise. Higher pulse pressure is an indication of endothelial dysfunction and arterial stiffness. It promotes vascular damage and atherosclerosis. It seems that, practice of regular aerobic exercise is preferable for maintaining physical fitness, normal blood pressure and endothelial health.

PMID: 16827094 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Now medical studies are filled with spelling and grammar errors. I hope this was due to a language barrier or something, because I prefer not to have doctors with 3rd grade grammar skills.[/quote]

You mean, like the fact that they’re from NEPAL? How good is your Nepali?