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It's Eliteballa3 - What's Up?

Whats up guys,it is me eliteballa3. It’s been a long time but i was looking for an old picture to show a client and then i saw the old fan club i had on here lol. Anyways hope all is well with everyone. It’s been quite a while. Happy new year everyone,i dont take pictures with sneakers any more,thank god.

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A fuckin’ legend … that’s who.

He was a meme around here before we knew what a meme was…


Fuck’n noobs don’t know their T-Nation lore!



If only people knew that shit i got on here. Good times though, i asked for it. Posting a pic of myself with a shoe. What was i thinking.


Here is a few update pics its been a while but here is what we have for now. I can use some work but at least its progress.



Hmmm Guessing 13.5% based on the shoe…

Just kidding, man, you look pretty good.

Thanks man appreciate it havent been on this forum in ages. Those were the days.

I have a superior memory.

I recall a picture of an attractive lady with blonde hair wearing a Miami Dolphins jersey in your profile pics section.

You were tossing her salad a decade ago were you not?

Close enough but no my friend i am with a different lady these days in a pretty serious relationship. Posterior chain is number one,eat and muscle will come,bodyfat will come off. Could have been where i am now along time ago. Oh well lesson learned. Hope everyone is well in the community.