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It's Christmas and I've Been Depressed for Months


Hey people its Christmas time and all i can think about is that i cant soend it with the one special girl i love in my life.
Iv had alot of girlfriends and i never cared about breakups but this time its different.
Yeah yeah youl all say (im only a kid blah blah blah love doesnt exist at my age)
.well iv had alot of girlfriends and normally id get over a breakup like meh.

But she was my first "serious relationship " iv had.
I dont know what it is about her but i loved everything i just dont understand why am i so horrible that shed dothis to me.

I thought she’d be the girl id go on to be with for my teen years and adult life.
I love her and i thought she loved me.
She was the best girl anyone could ask for.
She had the most beautiful eyes.
Nicest personality.
Etc etc.

Fact is she was actually and is evil.
She cheated on me.
Flirted with other guys.
Broke up with me multiple times for random excuse reasons and fucked with my head.

Wed always get back together but one day she just ditched me and now we never talk.

Every time i try to hate her for everything shes done i just cant.

Honestly im fucked in the head for still loving her.

Suggestions to get over her people please its wreckinv my life i hardly sleep


Read some Camus and deadlift.


Oh dear! I could have a feild day with this :smiling_imp:
But it’s Christmas, so…

You will be alright. If she cheated on you, you are better without her. :wink:


Aha yes i guess it is a very roastable post😅
I know i am better off without her but i just have all these good happy memories with her and its hard to forget about us because we were such a good couple and i wish she didnt fuck it up and put me through this shit and its messed me up


Agh my Christmas is fucked she texted metoday and keeps apologising but i know ahe doesmt really care she just wants to fuck my feelings upand now im upset again😟


Just turn your phone off today, enjoy Christmas and be with your family.


Good idea dude


I once dated a girl like that.

Not worth it. Acknowledge and appreciate what you had, and now move on.



And deadlift.

The first step in the proven SAMA recovery method.

Worked for me.


I’m pretty sure every guy here has dealt with this at some point or another. Not everyone is the same but from my own experience I would suggest ignoring her and not getting involved with her again. Your memory starts to play tricks on you and if she were really a great girl, you wouldn’t feel as shitty as you do now. There are plenty of woman out there that won’t give you grief. Go find one.

Oh, and do some deadlifting!



Do a bunch of pushups and curls, suck in your gut and get to the beach!


It’s safe to say that we’ve all probably been in your situation. Embarrassingly, I asked for advice on this very site a couple of years ago about a girl who I fucked up with. I got duly roasted, and it was the best thing that could have happened. I moved on, met a few other girls who, surprise, surprise, were better in every way, and ended up having a 6 month relationship with one of them. Regrettably, this relationship didn’t go the distance due to, well, distance. This is the one relationship I look back on and wish I could fix, and I don’t think I’m truly “over it”, but just like the first girl, another is just around the corner (not on the corner :wink:). She’ll be even better than the last, and so on. Funnily enough, the first girl has contacted me frequently over the past 6 months, in an attempt to rekindle the attraction, however, I’m over it, and her, and her chasing me is actually a bit annoying and unattractive.

The conclusion is essentially that you’ll get over her. One day you’ll look back and be pissed at yourself for investing so much in someone who was just never right for you. It’s a life lesson, and life will be over quicker than you think, so don’t hang around; keep moving on. I think we all need someone to remind us of this from time-to-time. It’s a very strange thing, the power some females can have over us; no man is immune.


I walked in on my girl of 2yrs sucking my “best mates” dick like it was a lollipop.

2 nights later he turned up with a 40oz of bourbon. I drank his bourbon while watching him fuck her then kicked them both out of my house.

Now many yrs later Im married with 7 kids a dog and dont think of her all that often (read ever). And I sure as shit dont miss her.

Tell the nutbag to fuck off then go do some deadlifts & bicep curls to get a pump on and go find your new ex.


You’re only 14 and already had “a lot of girlfriends” a stud like you should just go out and effortlessy bang a ton of new wimmenz and you will instantly get over her :sunglasses:


That’s pretty gross.


Lol good ideas i think il bring some dumbells to a beach and do curls :joy::joy:


Wait, you’re only 14? Ok…

There are plenty of fish in the sea, every ending is a new beginning waiting around the corner. So don’t be quick to get attached to any one of them. Make them earn that attachment.

Learn to recognize red flags and understand their importance.

Bask in the pain (or what you THINK is pain, 14 year old, you haven’t seen anything yet, in all honesty) and take it in. Just like lifting, you’ll adapt to it with experience and be able to handle it better (please don’t confuse me, I’m not saying to go numb and have a lack of emotions). We all have to go through the motions and it’s going to happen again sooner or later. Time will help.

In my opinion, don’t get into any more serious relationships for a long time, this was way too early. You both don’t know what you’re doing. Probably why she’s doing what she’s doing, because she DOESN’T know what she’s doing. Start working and paying bills and handling responsibilities before you worry about relationships. Learn how to prioritize and everything will fall into place.

Deadlift. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul.


Thanks people


Make your way to the nearest parochial school and let nature take its course. Actually, just stand there and look disinterested.

Works best if you look bad. Wear black, act like you smoke, etc.