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Its 'bout that Time...


I have logged on and off and I stay focused better when I am logging. Its time for me to clean my shit up and what better place than here.

Perhaps some important stats:

Height: 5'7.5
Weight: 139.3 at this very moment.
Bench: 130
Deadlift: 265
Push Press: 120
Last 5k: 20:19

Goals...we will see. I have a pretty extensive past in powerlifting and a bit in Olympic lifting and some strongman and crossfit bidnazz. I have side-stepped away from that a few times and dabbled in figure and bikini, which I like. Right now, I would like to improve my conditioning, so I have been throwing in a bit of metabolic work after the strength work I do. Currently, Im trying the ole 5/3/1 as its an approach I really havent tried yet. I like it.
Oh, and I wouldnt mind looking good naked.

Todays workout:
400m sprint
100 pullups (f*ck! took forever!)
800m sprint
100 push ups
1 mile run
100 squats
2 mile jog.


B1) DB Incline Press: 5 sets/15x40lbs
B2) Chinups to fail (not pretty)

C1) DB Incline Flys: 5 sets/20x15
C2) 1 arm row: 10 per arm x 40

D1) Hanging leg raises x 25
D2) V-ups x 15


Finally! Those are some good numbers - I'm particularly impressed by the 5K time. Takes me half an hour!


Thanks Cal! In the very height of powerlifting days, my running was bogus! I found an old log where I had ran one with my sister in right around 30 and marked that puppy as a PR. I was also 20ish lbs then and quite a bit stronger.

I think I have found a good balance, but always looking for improvement.

M1.)3 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, with 1/2 cup spinach, 2 diced artichoke hearts 1/4 cup feta omelette
1/2 cup plain oatmeal

M2.) 1 can water packed tuna/2 cups spinach/sesame ginger low fat dressing
1/2 Sweet potato
M3.) 6oz Grilled Chicken with Franks MOFUGGIN Hot Sauce <3
1 oz almonds
FRAKKING 4 Oreos...seriously, who left these out?!
M4.) 2 scoops Whey + 4-5 Strawberries, blended
M5.) 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg +spinach
1 oz Almonds
M6.) 1 cup cottage Cheese+Splenda+Cinnamon+1/4 cup crushed almonds (favorite)


100 pull-ups... sounds like a terrible idea, lol (speaking from experience).


Your am workout is so beautifully barftastic! I think I love you. No, I just want to be you.

Too much, too soon? Sorry. I'm excited to read about your training. Damn.


That pull-up and run workout sounds suspiciously like Crossfit, heh. (Actually, I won't diss CF because, despite the koolaid, it does actually make you push yourself further than you might otherwise).


wow 100 pull-ups!

looking forward to following your log.




Andy--When did you do 100 pullups, guy? (i do believe you, though)

Nadia--not at all! Keep 'em coming! :wink: Glad you are following along.

Cal--I am SO busted, aye? No shame in my game...when it comes right now to conditioning, I like to borrow from
their metabolic stuff. Their strength training is a little too higgly piggly for me, though.

Alexus--It wasnt pretty and...MY HANDS!!!!

Mom--Hey pretty lady!

Update: my last meal of cottage cheese never happened last night...I got home from the lab and fell out almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. Its been a rough week. Naturally, I am now STARVING.


hey dasher! LOVE that AM workout-I'll be stealing that one of these days. And seems to me you've already got the "looks good naked" goal down already!


Lulu---by all means, sister. Have anything you want! I wanna feel better naked, I should say. Thanks for the compliment!

Well...today hasnt been the best. It was a super busy day at work. This is what I got in food wise:

M1)1 cup egg whites/spinach
1/2 cup oatmeal<---had a hard time swallowing this down today...I left some in the bowl :frowning:

M2) 6oz Chicken Breast
2 MOFUGGIN CUPS of normandy blend veggies, steamed with salt and pepper
1/2 sweet potato
M3) 2 scoops whey + 1/2 banana
M4) 5oz Chicken with franks hot sauce
A carrot..lol
Tentative M5) Cottage Cheese/Almonds




SL Glute Bridges
SL high step ups w/40lb DBs

I gave Sumo Deads a go for a smidge today and just didnt like it. Has anyone else switched from conventional to sumos? I think I am going to just stick with conventionals because it feels comfortable to me.


This girl just gets better and better.


Thanks zouk! I'm glad your back, bud


hehehe the hot lady knows who i am... blushes.

Seriously though your numbers are impressive as hell. Whats worse is i can only squat 40lbs more than you, legs day tomorrow i guess for me lol.

I don't normally follow the ladies logs but i think i'll be checking in here quite often.


videos!! I'm requesting them ... for selfish reasons.


Zouk--you did have a pretty epic exit thread....

Bre---I'll try! I have absolutely no one here that i work out with or even anyone i talk to at the gym. I'll seen what i can rig up


I used to do these conditioning routines by a boxer named Ross Enamait.


I have a couple of his books. I'm not a fan of his strength workouts at all but his conditioning days kicked the crap out of me. But anytime I see something like '100 pull-ups'... I usually change the workout because half the time you are fucking standing around, lol.


Dood...my hands were disgusting at the end of this craziness. And after deads today, they are
toast. I look like someone tried to stab me and I rassled them with my hands! Shredded wheaties.



Squats ? Sprints ? Chin-ups ? All in the same workout ? Girl you know how to talk dirty to a guy.


Awww Maxy! Glad that's a turn on. I get a little nuts on M/W/F