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It's Been Awhile

Here is my story.
35 Year old Male 6’3 230lb.
I used to workout regular,I ran 6 miles aday 6 days aweek,Went to the gym 4 day’s a week for many years . Felt fantastic looked good,then in 2003 I hurt my back (broke my back). I was in the middle of a cycle at the time, I didn’t know for 2 months what had happened ,the DR. kept telling me I had pull a muscle. so I kept up the cycle and did what I could.

Walked instead of run , upper body @ the gym no back or lower body. but it didn’t seem to heal .finally I had a MRI and BOOOOM I had problems.I stopped basicly every thing. That was real hard I went through Withdraws From Excercise. BAD Depression.Lots of pain pills and Cortizone shots.

Well here i am 3 years later lost most of my size (Cortizone/Medro packs Took a Lot Of Muscle) I’m So tight , I have healed good but I now have Aruthritise…For give the spelling…lol…Running i was told is a no no and i have to ease my self back in to the gym…

Bad thing is is I have never been in this bad of shape. I never knew that stretching was so painfull.My Current Dr. ( Not the 1st one) is very aware of my history health and Roid use and said i should start with Yoga to get more flexable well i don’t have a problem with that but the nearest yoga classes are 1 1/2 hours away .

He also said that HGH would help in the long run but the doses he could Rx Would be low. So i’m working on that . I know how to eat,I knew my Cardio ( not real sure now),And I know the gym.

But man, I never knew how hard it was to start basicly from scratch. I have a ways to go ,I’m about 15 - 18% Bf now some where in there is a 6 pack . any how if anyone can give me some advice do so…Thanks …Boggyboy

Buy a yoga DVD and do it at home.

Is that all you needed advice on?

Hook it up with a foam roller too! Search “feel better for 10 bucks”