its been a while...

hey guys…it has been a while since i have hit the gym hardcore. i have been away from testosterone so i need some help. what training program do you guys suggest that is recent. what type of nutrition? is JMBs eating meathods still popular? i am also looking for some motivation, if any one could help that would be awesome. thanks…i hope everyone replys.

Just scan the previous issues section. Lots of good stuff lately.

Not to flame you, but what do you mean needing some motivation? I do not understand when people say that they need motivation to workout. The motivation is that you want to look good either by getting leaner or getting bigger and hopefully keep your body healthy. What could I possibly say that would motivate you to workout? A person has to want to work out. You can maybe have a partner to push you on those days when you are dragging a bit but overall I think that motivation comes from within. Currently I do not have a regular workout partner, have not had one for 8 months but I still workout and I still am making gains. No one motivates me to go to the gym. I go because I LOVE IT!!!

A good pump is like come-ink!

i agree with rip wholeheartedly. if you’re not self-motivated you’ll only last so long. every morning at 6:30 when in a stupor i throw shorts and a water bottle in my bag it’s because i want to, and an hour later when i’m covered in sweat, out of breath, and tired as hell i’m in heaven, and i put myself there. i do it for dolo…
t-mag definitely gets me fired up, but it ain’t my motivation. improvements in health, appearance, overall vitality and spirit motivate me. hopefully they’ll motivate you too.

When I am training for a show I usually start at 4:30am 6:30am I am eating my 2nd meal of the day.

“Can someone please read the new issues for me, because I’m too lazy to do it myself? Can you recommend not only a workout, but a diet for me as well?”


Everyone else covered the basics, so I’ll be brief.

Yes, JMB is still the nutritional go-to guy. I can't recommend a diet, because you haven't listed you goals. Same with a training program.

I don't know how long you've been gone, but a basic rundown: 5x5 has gotten a lot of great feedback, and all of Christian T's articles have been well received.

As for motivation I always find "Merry Christmas, Bob" to be a very good kick in the pants. A more recent A-Dog, entitled "Now That's a Problem!" is great as well if you read through it all.

Let us know what your goals are and we'll definitely have some recommendations for you =)

Hope this helps!