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It's Back!


Wellp, It looks like I've surpassed my 812 post, so I can change my avatar away from that lame Miami U. Actually, I went 2 posts ahead to make up for the original Miami avatar I had that read SUCKS under it.... so in sportsmanship, here I am on my 814 post, showing everyone what my new avatar is.

It's kind've a big deal

Anyhow, since I lost my original avatar on a football bet, lets use this space for some more NCAA Division 1-A football talk!



the big game today (for everyone other than me, who cares more about CU vs Texas)

It turns out that half of the country is pointing at ND to be the favorite, meaning that #1 USC for the first time in over a year and a half is the underdog. Holy crap! this game should be awesome.

I predict the game to be within 5 points.

now what I really care about. CU vs Texas. we're the underdog by 14 according to the bookies, regardless of who wins, this will be the same two teams you see in the BIG XII championship game, but then it'll be 11-0 texas vs. 9-2 CU. And yes, this means tx will beat texas tech, as a matter of fact, Tech is struggling against KANSAS right now 3 to 3. So much for their hi powered offense, then again any school can look like superheroes against a 3 week slew of 2 1-AA opponents, and one team in their first year of 1-A.

I would just hate to see TX not in the rose bowl if they go undefeated because teams like A&M, OK, and OK state can't get a win and everyone considers 4-1 Baylor a no threat.


I'm saying silent prayers that LSU can defeat Florida today. It's a home game and we need the win. Fingers are crossed.


Ha. Now it's 52-20 early in the 4th.


59-20 with 671 yards passing.


yeah, they kicked their ass. Tech vs Texas should be a good game to watch next week.


Yep - Tech really struggled against KSU. I think Cody Hodges wound up with 620-something yards passing on the way to a narrow 59-20 shellacking of the Wildcats.

Mack Brown has had a tough time with Tech during his tenure as coach, and I think that he will have an even bigger problem with the RRaiders on Saturday.

It'll be a barn burner. But I have to pull for my Raiders. I say Tech 52 - T-Sippers 45.


Watched the last quarter of the Michigan vs Penn St game. Geez, down to the last second and they pull it off: Michigan snaps Penn St.s win streak. What a nail biter. I've got friends in Columbus that were rooting for Michigan to win. And I'm sure are even happier since Ohio State won their game against Michigan State.

I'm not much of a football fan anymore, since the NFL has really soured me on professional sports. However, watching college ball is much more enjoyable. There still seems to be some actual joy in it for the players and they have not become spoiled millionares (yet).


You must have missed the nebraska game. While I agree Tech has played UT well over the last 8 years I don't think this is thier year. First they still have no defense. Second they haven't faced a real defense, like UT's, and have a lot to prove. UT's defense is faster and more powerful than anything TT has faced. Their (TT) open style offensive line is going shatter under the speed of UT's defensive line. Mike Leech(?)won't be able to use that same old tire screen play he always uses in place of putting together an actual running game. But I'll give it to TT they put up great numbers on paper. Good luck!


Tech is 6-0. 3-0 in the Big-12. If the T-sippers miss a step, Tech can score. They can score from anywhere on the field at anytime.

The game will be decided on Tech's offense v. TU's defense.

What happened against Nebraska last yeat was a fluke. This year the huskers had a pretty good blitz, and they didn't quit when they got behind. Besides - the huskers hadn't lost a homecoming game in like 35 years. Beating them at homecoming was an accomplishment.

But I am a little biased in favor of the Red Raiders, or just about anyone that plays TU- except UT-Norman, and anyone from the Big 10.


I agree I think it will be UT defense vs. TT offense. Funny,isn't that how it usually goes? While I do enjoy laughing at you Lubbuck raiders talk the talk, and mostly stumble on the walk part I have to give to you props for making the top 10 and being a legitimate contender. Now if those aggies would ever show up we might have ourselves a hell of a shootout in the south. Oh by the way that can TT unleashed on Cal last year was awesome! I've never cheered so loudy for Tech. Good luck saturday.