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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Promo


The new season looks like it should be funny as hell (just like the last 4 of them):


i love this show. and yeah the new one looks like it has potential for sure.


extreme home makeover episode was the funniest thing i have ever seen. Best show on T.V. at the moment




dead@ kitten mittens


Quoted for truth.


day man!

ahhhhh oohhhhh ahhhhhhhhh


Sunny, and Curb are the best shows on TV.


I dance like Mac in clubs...


Great show! Absolutely hilarious....


Best show on TV! I like the every episode...Night man/Day Man had me rolling! "You gotta pay the troll toll, if you wanna get into the boys hole!"


only seen a few, didn't think it was that great :shrug:

maybe I'll give it another shot


Do, I didn't like it till i gave it a 2nd chance.


hahahahahhaha i started dying when i saw/read that


Anyone here think the show may have jumped the shark with that musical season finale last year? Last season was the first season when I didn't find the show consistently hilarious.


fighter of the Night man!

ahhhhh oohhhhh ahhhhhhhhh


that goes fantastic with the music im listening to right now

incase you want to share the experience


I'll second that ... I thought the expansion of Day Man was a little much, but the song Day Man is hilarious ... not as hilarious as the song Night Man was

I still thought it was a great season ... I love the McPoyle's


If you don't like this show, you have NO sense of humor.



I'm gonna give the show a second chance just for that pic lol.