It's All Mental...

well today i just pr’d by 40 POUNDS on the deadlift. i realized it was all mental. anyone else have that happen to them?

i kept tellin the bar that i was gonna kick its ass lol

In any sporting event I get pumped up by listening to my music and visualize lifts or actions I’m going to do. It has a big effect on your lifts that are PR.

there was a lifter that squatted over 1020 that went though some kind of psychological visualizion and mantra therapy combo or something.

I’m not sure who it was…I just can’t remember, but it was rather recent. Read it on here or maybe over at EliteFTS a few months back.

Anybody else know who i’m talking about? I gotta look through my bookmarks and see if I can find it.

Tony Robbins has like a Multi-billion dollar industry on all mental shit. Apparently hes helped alotta people.

whenever i psyche myself up to hit a certain number of reps, i hit it.

today i kept telling myself i was gonna hit 7 on the DL

then even though i was tired from that and another exericse i went and PR’d on the shoulder dumb bell press too.

sometimes i just know im gonna have a shitty session. not sure if its psyche or just being in tune with my body.

the mind is a very powerful thing though. consider how most people’s untrained physiques are to that of top weightlifters in all regards

now apply that same logic to the mind. most people have untrained minds. im sure theres as many mental enthusiasts as there are physique enthusiasts. have you ever seen those games where they will draw out a deck of cards in random order and someone will memorize it?

i always tell it im gonna rip its throat out then fuck its girl :slight_smile:

yea i once psyched myself up for a pr. that i thought about me completing it all week…whenever i thought about it i got pumped. then i went to the gym and got the lift. a lot of it is mental…

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
Tony Robbins has like a Multi-billion dollar industry on all mental shit. Apparently hes helped alotta people.[/quote]

I know it sounds like an urban legend, but a lot of pro athletes attribute their success to Tony Robbins, i.e. UFC, NBA, NFL, etc…

I put 900lb on the bar last night and it killed me.

I dunno what happened. I mean I REEEEEEALLY believed I was going to lift it :frowning:

[quote]Hanley wrote:
I put 900lb on the bar last night and it killed me.

I dunno what happened. I mean I REEEEEEALLY believed I was going to lift it :([/quote]

Obviously you didn’t want it enough then…Duh.

[quote]Hanley wrote:
I put 900lb on the bar last night and it killed me.

I dunno what happened. I mean I REEEEEEALLY believed I was going to lift it :([/quote]

You are supposed to believe you can lift it after smoking PCP. If you skip the first step you’ll surely fail.

I heard a story once. It was about a russian powerlifter. He failed a squat. Then in the break before the 2nd attempt. One of the russian coaches came to him, and stuck a needle right through his squat suit at chest level and injected the fluid in the needle container. Then he went on the platform and smoked his attempt. Some claim he was given adrenaline right to the heart? I am no doctor, so I can’t tell you if this was a true story or not.

I am sure you all have heard about mothers lifting their cars off their children, and people doing all sorts of crazy feats when they are scared. What about the mental pasients that bend iron bars in prison windows?

Regarding the deadlift… a 40 pound deadlift is quite some increase, and it depends hugely on your level. I highly doubt that some of the best deadlifters would suddenly set a PR with 40lbs out of the blue. For someone not that advanced I believe it is possible. Bu the more andvanced you become, the better you become at pushing your limits. :slight_smile:

I’ve had some experiences myself. Once I did 170kgx5 reps in the squat and I tought it was 150kg on the bar. I felt it was heavy from the very start, but I tought I was just having a day off. I was stunned when I knew that it was 20kg more on the bar then I believed it was. If I knew at that time it was 170kg, I would probably just do 2 or 3reps.

Currently I am engaged in hitting 20 reps at 190kg, and the mind plays an essential role in this journey. It is just as much a psychological journey as a physical journey. The difference between when my body tell me to quit, and when it finally gives out can be as much as 10 reps… Really, I don’t know what the limits to the body is. I think we can do much more than what we believe we can. I can SEE when people are not performing to their potential, and when I have had some bloke over that thinks he squats hard, and then I push him more than he think he ever could, then he too realizes that he can do more than he think.

The deadlift and the squat are worked by the larges muscle groups in the body, and we have much more power than we can imagine. Sometimes, I am so drained after just one set, that I cannot continue squatting. It is not always adviced to train like that, but it is great fun.

I’ve heard some powerlifters train sometimes aithout knowing what’s on the bar. They are just told to get in, and do their best effort. That way, psychological barriers are no longer barriers.

When it comes to squatting and deadlifting, a lot is mental. The deadlift is a pure agression lift.

Sometimes (it does not happen often) the weight I have on my back feel so light I think I must have misloaded the bar. Once that tought enters my mind, the weight usually gets very heavy again. So if there were a surefire way to enter that mental state where you are indestructible and only true physical breakdown is the limit, then I sure would like to know! :wink:

As a general rule of thumb, it is much easier to dig into that extra reserves when you are feeling fresh, rested and strong. Nowadays I often call it a day early in a squat session, if I feel I am not up for the task. I still do some sets, but not giving it all. Those sets are for the days when I feel like an indestructible conqueror! If you run a set program, you just have to complete the sets on the schedule, I am like that, I can never quit when I first have set my head to do something.

– stallion

Lee Moran’s 1000 lbs. squat

I have a client who missed his 300 DL a few weeks in a row. One week I loaded the plates for him on all his workup sets and made it a mix of quarters, tens and fives. I told him he would max at 300 this time.

On his 285 set, he pulled it 3 times. I lied - it was actually 300. He went from not being able to break 300 to getting 3 just because he thought it was 15lbs lighter.