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It's All in Your Head


Seeing a few of these threads, and through my own experiences, the less I "care," and just get in the gym and tear shit up, the more growth I see than when I am sitting around worrying about every little detail.

Before there is any confusion, old me used to sit around and get sick to my stomach thinking about hitting X amount of reps, and if I didn't I failed....

New me now goes into the gym, has the attitude of, "no matter what, I am giving it my all, and I will be satisfied with whatever my all gives me."

With that being said I've hit more PR's in the last 4 months then the previous year of training, I fail a lift, I say to myself I'll get it when I'm ready...

Moral of my story, be satisfied with your best as long as you are getting better....

Wanted to post this as well in regard to those who are losing strength when dieting, saw a few of those threads, and I think just believing that you will get weaker on a diet is a cause for getting weaker on a diet. I think you can see steady strength gains while dieting unless, you are cutting weight super fast or getting into the end of a contest diet where you are fucking shredded.

Just my .02


Kinda expected to open this to a thread about The Cranberries...


Not even sure what that means...lol


The Craberries is a music group. They have a song called "Zombie," where a portion of the repeating lyrics are "...in your head, in your heaaaaad." Ipso facto, my comment.


I agree 100%. Some of the questions people ask downright disgust me, due to how meaningless most of them are, and they remind me of when I was holding myself back asking the same stuff.

I wish I could agree with this (It would make me a happier person), but whatever I achieve is never enough to satisfy me.


My favorite supplement is the Placebo Effect. It's the most cost effective and provides tremendous results.


I am trying to become a freak of nature in both strength and size, I am far from satisfied, otherwise I wouln't continue busting my ass in the gym. However, I am not going to get down on myself if I miss a lift, I'll just keep going for it until I get it.


AustinB, although I do understand where your coming from. The only way I see progress is if I make myself accountable for shit I didnt do like break PR's, etc. Although your method might be great for someone whos advanced enough to know that the name of the game is progression. some newbs might read this and think well its ok if im not progressing ill just get better someday when in fact they need to train harder and eat more and not accept that they are just not progressing quickly enough.


Yeah I knew this wouldn't come out exactly how I wanted it to. I want nothing more when I enter the gym, than to beat last weeks numbers, but my body will only be capable of doing the most it can do so if it means an extra week trying to get an extra 5 pounds so be it, but I will get those extra 5 pounds. However I am not going to go home and slit my wrists when I miss a lift, and althought that is putting it in an extreme way, that's my general idea.


Very nice quote.




I know what your getting at AB. Some days, I will know by the second warmup set that "today is going to suck."

Sometimes you grind through those days and kick ass, some days you grind, grunt, groan and beat yourself in the ground, just to get the same weight/reps/form you did last time...

I would rather a weight or rep PR, but that isn't going to happen every day every lift, so I will settle for a form PR when I have to, and just move forward.


I definitely agree with you Austin. I find myself "failing" when I psych myself out.
And I personally also fear losing strength on a diet, however I think that if I think positive and tell myself that I can still make gains while dieting, then I will.

Good point sir, well said.



Sounds pretty similar. In one scenario you're happy if you progress that workout, and in the other you're happy if you progress in general. Just being more patient it seems.

I started cutting 3 weeks ago and I'm making good strength gains still, but I'm sure I'd be annoyed if strength started going down.

Mel....I'm going to need you to change that avatar :wink:


Sometimes just pushing a lift with good form to failure is good enough, the numbers don't always climb steady especially when you're dieting.


x3 the propietary blend of the placebo effect has some magic in it!


I totally agree, hence why I really like 5/3/1. I only focus on the 4 main lifts. My assistance lifts can change anytime I want. As long as you're progressing on the main lifts, you'll be progressing on the accessory lifts too, without even knowing it.


Same deal for me. Improve the big 4 and you are making progress.