It's All About The Buck

I want to be huge. Ultimately I would like a physique comparable to that of Jeff Willet, whom I believe to be the/ one of the greatest natural bodybuilders ever. The pic shows what I deem to be his best ever pose.

I’m 22 y/o, 6’2, ~213LBS. Been training since mid January, so almost exactly 9 months now. Made decent progress since then, going from about 188LBS to my current 213. Roughly a 25LB gain.

The plan:
I am starting a max-OT training regimen this week and will be posting my workouts and thoughts regularly on here. I will hopefully be able to share progress pictures as well.

Over and out.

Monday: Back and biceps

-lat pulldown 3 sets 80kg
-cable row 1 set 60kg
-deadlifts 3 sets 110kg
-barbell curls 2 sets 45kg
-dumbell curls 1 set 20kg
-hammer curls 1 set 10kg

workout was very intense and i didnt eat enough throughout the day so my energy levels were low. will not make this mistake again. nonetheless i powered through.

Tuesday: chest and triceps

-flat db press 3 sets 44kg, 42kg, 40kg
-incline bench press 3 sets 80kg, 90kg, 85kg
-flat bench press 1 set 80kg
-weighted dips 2 sets 22kg, 18kg
-tricep pushdown 2 sets 17.5kg, 20kg

great workout! was really intense especially with the weighted dips after all those compound chest sets, but at the end my triceps felt totally demolished!