It's About How Hard You Get Hit...

and keep moving forward

My favorite qoute ever.
I just want to push all the excuses I have had for the past year and throw them over the preverbial cliff!!! I had a thread over at FA and I didn’t lose interest I just let life Kick me in the face, from roommate, to moving, to school, to death!!!
I have learned a lot from this place from the articles to reading all the different Forums. Just two summers ago I dropped 20 lbs by paying attention to my carbs and lifting heavy with the shut up program. I have spent alot of time on here, and I feel ashamed of who I am right now.

Its all going to change!!! I am so excited to Move FORWARD!!!
This isnt a new years resolution but this is to prove to myself that I have what it takes to be a powerful woman. I am in desperate need to find out what I am made of, to push myself to the edge. (I don’t know if putting myself out here is a great idea, I am a little scared…but I want to write my progress and my feelings down to see where I am and to reflect back at where I was)

Currently i am 5’3 and up to 160lb )= i am fat muscle
my first goal is to get down to 150 in the next 5 weeks.

Hi Roxi, and welcome.

What’s your plan in order to reach your first goal?

I didn’t really go into detail on how I was going to achieve my goal…silly me.
My biggest hurdle is food, I freakin love to eat…I am carbohydrate sensitive…and I am aware that I need to consume my carbs in my first two meals. My diet is going to consist of oatmeal, sweat pots, and brown rice for carbs, With meat, powder, eggs and bars as my protein. Veggies are going to be broccoli, beans, and peppers. Fruits are apples and grapefruit. Fats will be peabut butter, almonds, pistachios and olive oil, with fish oil too.

These are going to be what I eat for the next three weeks or so…I have got to control my eating! The one thing that sucks right now is that I am going to school and there isn’t a fridge available to students. So I need to figure out how to bring foods that don’t need to be cooled.

As for my workout, I really like Jen Heaths Let’s get Jacked Program
Mon Chest/Lats Tues Quads Thursday Delts/Back thickness and Sat hips/Hams

Cardio I am going to try and do daily with sundays as days off, I am not going to kill myself…one thing I love to do is jog with my Husky, we usually do two miles a day… the other thing I enjoy doing while working out is Jump roping, a total of ten minutes 5 times for 2 minutes.

I really need to find my Metabolism…she is hiding somewhere deep inside and I need to wake that bitch up!!

Kimba I must have been posting when you were posting (= I realized I didn’t go into to much detail.
Thank you!

You can do it girl! I too love food and I am not proud to say that I gained a few pounds over the holidays. But you can only move forward! You may want to change up your 2 mile jog to sprint intervals - that will pump up your metabolism for sure!
Keep at it! I’m dieting and training and doing cardio right now with ya!

I am going to school and there isn’t a fridge available to students. So I need to figure out how to bring foods that don’t need to be cooled.

Roxi, just to clsrify, are you stsying on campus and looking to do your own meal plan or commuting and bringing lunch daily?

Daniellle, I agree with the intervals totally, i will definately put that in my jog. I am sure my husky will love that. Thanks for the encouragement! You keep it up too (=

Freckleface (love the name, i too have freckles) I am commuting and bringing lunch daily, here soon it is going to be much more difficult to figure out what to bring, with more classes being thrown my way… So far, I’ve got those carb conscious protein bars…I think tomorrow I am going to get one of those Ice packs you can put in your lunch box…OR I might get one of those big lunch boxes to keep in my trunk…Wally world run tomorrow after school.

Well I just wrapped up my workout!! Monday is threw! During my schooling we have to participate in command PT right before lunch on Mon/Wed/Thurs…Sometimes they can be challenging, and sometimes not…today was a in the middle kinda day. We did a whole bunch of pushups/situps/lunges and then I jumped on the elliptical for 15 mins.
After school I got the dog and went for a 1 1/2 mi Jog
Just finished with lifting and Jump rope.
Incline bench 46_90lbs
wide grip pull down 4
Flys 215_15lbs
single arm side incline lat raise 2
tricep extension 310_10lbs
Barbell curl 3
decline situps 3*20
I threw in 5 sessions of Jumprope for 150jumps each…It was cold outside and I don’t have a timer, gotta fix that. But it did keep my heartrate up and going.

As for food: 159 pro 82 carbs around 1450 cals
Tomorrow is Quads…I have tree trunks for legs!

‘command PT.’

Are you going to military school or something? :slight_smile:

Yep. I am in my ‘C’ school. Its like the second part after this I am officially a Navy weather person…LOL
Are you military??

Oh thats so funny!
I am a former Navy person, lol…and I struck AG about 1yr before getting out…back then the rate was wide open and all you had to do was take the test!

My hubby is still in…

That is funny, we are shipmates!! So did you attend A school for AG?? The rate is so very small now, and they only made ONE E6 this last go around…one.

So what does your hubby do, if you don’t mind me asking?

roxi my suggestion to you as far as food is concerned is to get an ice pack that is the best option, if not, you can bring canned tuna or canned chicken, leave it in the can and just bring a can opener with you. Also you can make protein powder balls or whatever there called, jehovasfitness has a good recipe at this link

Fresh vegies such as brocoli and pepper keep pretty well deepending on how long they are not kept cold, 2-4 hours probably will do okay, much more than that probably not. But as long as you have someplace to drain water, you could bring along canned green beans also.

Heracles: Thanks for the suggestions and the link, those are some good recipe ideas!!! I do love some green beans too! Yeah I am going to get an ice pack for sure, I don’t mind eating out of the can now and then but I know I will get tired of it quick.

Todays workout came late, didn’t get out of class till 430pm, then I was on the phone for another hour figuring out my next set of classes while I am going to C school…whew! and then I had to run some errands with the hubby. Once we got home and I got some chicken in me it was 730…
So today was just squats and deads, with the ab roller.
squats 410_50lbs (used smith machine) I know some people don’t like it much…
deads 4
I did the ab dolly in between rest periods.

Not much of a workout at all )=

Food: 194pro 91carbs 1760cals

I also consumed more cals today then yesterday, I did manage to get more protein in. However, all day I was dragging, but my sleep is to blame for most of it…just couldnt fall asleep and 450am comes way to quickly!
Tomorrow morning I am going to weigh myself…am not looking forward to it, but when I dropped the 20lbs last time, keeping an eye on the scale really seemed to keep me on track.

Hey Roxi!

Nice stuff! I’ll be following along.

Nope, I didnt go to school…
started out as a deck seaman, blasting paint and barnacles off of submarines, hee…then it was time to take a 3rd class PO test and AG was the only thing that sounded interesting! The rate was wide open back then…

My Hubby is an AT2…he’s on IFT and flys around on P3’s…before that he was on AO on the George Washington.

I don’t know how much prep time you have, Roxi, but I use two cold packs to keep things really cold. I cook big batches on weekends and don’t mind repetition. Will eat same lunch every day for a week.
turkey chili (eat cold) or
Barilla pasta with veges and cooked cut up chicken or
cut up chicken on lettuce or mixed veges

I have a big zippered lunch box/cooler from Target with cold area and non-cold attic area: I have basic morning snack (premixed yogurt and protein powder or banana and peanut butter on one slice wheat) and lunch (see above) and afternoon snack (varies: serving almonds and turkey slices). Home for dinner.

I am not at optimum weight but still making progress. Listen to Vixens, not me. I need some comfort food to get through day dealing with adolescents in large numbers all day. Too few carbs and I’m cranky. One diet strategy (read herein) carbs+protein in AM and carbs + good fats in PM. Hope this helps.

[quote]FreckleFace wrote:
I need some comfort food to get through day dealing with adolescents in large numbers all day.

Now I completely understand about the wine. :slight_smile:

Mom in MD: Got it, strike…I forgot about that b/c I got lucky and started off AG. You go GIRl! Much respect for being a deckseaman!! I am jealous about your husband, I wish We got to fly around! That is really sweet!

Freckleface: I can do some mass cooking for sure (= I really love Chxn Chili cold, at my last station I had to do 12’s on and off and that was my staple…Chxn chili…so I agree there with the chili. And I like my oatmeal cold too…I just was eating so bad, it takes a minute to jump back on the train. That lunch box sounds awesome…going to invest in one very soon. As long as your making progress you are headed in the right direction, I understand the carbs and cranky…they seem to go Hand in Hand! I am trying the C+P for my first two meals and then P+F for the next three, However C+P as a preworkout meal is a must b/c otherwise my lifts are really sorry. Thx for all the advice, I greatly appreciate everyones advice!!

Mascherano: Hi! Thanks for following along!!!

Right now I am going to go and do some Jump rope and mess around in my gym, thinking about Kettle bell and snatches…or something like that.

OH!! I almost forgot: I did weigh my chunky self!! 163 )= I managed to put back on all the weight I lost in 08_summer )= Its embarrassing…but at least I realize it and am gettting back on track.

My biggest fear is letting food control my life…Alot of women in my family are obese, we have enough genetic problems and at least that one I can control!!

Yeah so the j/r and kettle bells got canxed, the Hubby and I went on a walk with the dog. I feel like I am neglecting both, Hubby b/c of school and dog b/c it gets dark so freaking early. I promised her I would jog with her everyday like I used too…so far not yesterday or today have I )= UGH! Also, Tomorrow I have an Exam. So I need to study before I hit the pillows. UGH!

Earlier I did do command P.T. We did a circuit again 8 x’s 10pushups/20crunches/30squats (that is 240 squats, I know they are just body ones…but Trying to do them with good form got really tiresome) I also varied the crunches with planks and the pushups with the close/wide/triangle. Afterwards I “tried” to play some basketball.

For food: P154 C93 cal 1400

I also got a Huge water container from Smoothie King (only $5)…its around 60 oz and I have slamed 2 of those bad mamma jammas aday thus far.

Oh! Has anyone tried the new vitamin packages from GNC?? I am doing the Be Hot, exercise enhancing turbo pak, and the Be whole. I figure i don’t get enough vitamins through my diet so I thought it would help out…so far no real side effects, just the bright pee. I am Also taking HOT-ROX with them, I really like those!! I am only taking two in the morning right now on empty stomach and then I eat my Oats and take my Gnc stuff.

Alright off to studying…“Yawn”

Hey mom in MD, how does the hubby like the new cami uniform?? We call it aqua-flage (=